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The city has recognized that change is happening. Population growth has slowed
compared to previous years. Residents are aging, a challenge faced not only in Mount
Pearl but across the province. Economic and business activity has wavered with industry
trends. Municipal infrastructure will require repair or replacement in years to come as it
nears the end of its life cycle. The city’s limited geographic space will restrict outward
expansion. In response to these challenges, the city has identified that the foundation of
any successful city is its core. It’s a perfect time to redevelop, reimagine, and rebuild.
The objective? To create initiatives that ensure the city centre becomes, and remains, a
distinct core that contributes to Mount Pearl’s rich quality of life, a strong sense of place,
and a prosperous economy.

The Mount Pearl City Centre Renewal Plan, also known as Find Your Centre, sets the
stage for the renewal and transformation of Mount Pearl’s core over the next 25 to 30
years. It is intended to be a long-term vision that outlines strategies for public and private
realm investment that will encourage the City Centre to grow and thrive well into the future.
The recommendations contained in the plan include frameworks for the City Centre’s
public realm, transportation systems, and built form. These were developed based on
extensive community engagement and input from many stakeholders, both public and
private. The frameworks will inform and guide decision-making and future development in
the City Centre such that a high quality, vibrant built environment emerges.
The city is committed to implementing the recommendations presented in the plan to
encourage private investment, create opportunities, and attract residents and visitors to
the city centre. The Waterford River walking trails offer great potential for commercial and
recreational opportunities. The creation of numerous pedestrian nodes along the
Waterford River will provide an opportunity for various commercial amenities along the
trail, including food and beverage offerings, craft/retail shops, bicycle/ski/snow-shoe rental
facilities, and more.
Through the recommendations of the Find Your Centre plan, the city has made it a priority
to develop a series of mobile kiosks throughout nodes along the T’Railway that can
provide amenities, further creating a destination within the community, attracting residents
and visitors, and encouraging further private investment.

The target audience for this project is residents, visitors, tourists, immigrants, and
investors. Not only does this community space create a tourist destination within the citycentre, but it also sparks opportunities for investors to develop, invest, and redevelop their
properties along the T’Railway to offer more commercial amenities.

The city worked with a consultant to develop a design concept for the mobile kiosks. They
conducted extensive community engagement with commercial vendors, community
groups, and stakeholders to build a design that encompasses requirements for retail and
food operations. The design also envisioned the historical context of the Newfoundland
and Labrador Railway, in which the T’Railway currently sits upon.
Based on the design concept, the city’s Public Works team constructed and installed the
first ever Commercial Kiosk on the proposed Forest Avenue node on the Waterford River
The city put out a “Call for Vendors” to the public to pilot the first vendor for the kiosk and
were pleased to announce Eva’s Original Chimneys would be occupying the space as the
first tenant.
Also, in conjunction with this community space, the city installed its first ever fully
accessible community gardens, where residents can rent a planter to grow vegetables.
To celebrate and promote this new community space and destination within the city
centre, the city created an event series called “T’Railway Sundown Series”, which would
feature a number of unique events to activate the space as a community hub for
entertainment, amenities, recreation, and festivities for all to enjoy.
The city recently hosted the first successful event of the series which was the “T’Railway
Sundown Series + Community Garden Official Launch” party. The event featured Eva’s
Chimneys in the commercial kiosk, multiple food trucks, live entertainment from local
musicians, and the official opening of the accessible gardens.
The next events in the T’Railway Sundown Series are taking place in September and will
feature “Sundown Yoga Session”, and “Talent on the Trail”, with more to come.

The Find Your Centre plan has already made a significant impact on the community with
recommendations of the plan being implemented, including the installation of the new
commercial kiosk and accessible gardens.

Viewed with an economic lens, the continuation of the T’Railway Sundown Series and
additional commercial kiosks a range of opportunities for commercial amenities,
recreation, entertainment, cultural, culinary, and experiential-based services and goods.
All of which are connecting the city’s core areas to its residents, visitors, and investors,
contributing to the overall growth and redevelopment of the region.
During the first T’Railway Sundown Series event, the city conducted a pulse survey which
justified the success of the commercial kiosk and community space. When polled on the
following questions, “Would you like to see this kiosk here on a permanent basis?” and
“Would you like to see more kiosks like this throughout the city?”, 100% of respondents
replied “Yes”. Full survey results can be found in the supporting documentation.
When fully realized, the Find Your Centre – City Centre Renewal Plan has the potential to
deliver over 3,700 jobs and generate $375 million in GDP. It is also expected to generate
$270 million in total household income and $109 million in total government tax revenue.

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T’Railway Sundown Series