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Ec.D. Information

Are you a Canadian Economic Development Professional? So are we.

The Ec.D. is Canada’s nationally recognized certification

Members who have earned the Ec.D. Designation are highly sought after in our field. Increasingly, the Ec.D. is being included as a requirement for career opportunities in our national database. This designation, along with a requirement of re-certification every three years, ensures a uniform and professional basis for all Canadians employed in this field which is supported by industry and governments.

Technical / Practical Skill Areas:

  • Economic Development Process
  • Governance
  • Operations
  • Communications
  • Planning
  • Marketing/Sales
  • Finance

How to earn the Ec.D.

  • Must be an EDAC Member (in good standing)
  • Minimum 3 years experience in the field
  • Complete Exam with 75% or higher
  • 45 points required to write the exam – there are a number of ways to earn them!

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Where could the professional Ec.D. certification take you?

By earning your Ec.D. Designation, you’re expanding knowledge and demonstrating your commitment to professional growth. By writing the EDAC exam it is following through on the important investment in your career and advancing your professional interest in ED. By having your Ec.D., you are staying ahead of the curve, this designation and certification documents your professional achievement, leverages your knowledge for exercising new career opportunities, you become part of a network of leaders in the economic development field.

– Rajbir Sian, Ec.D., Business Development Specialist, Economic Development City of Waterloo

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EDAC’s Guide

The Comprehensive Guide to Economic Development assists practitioners in understanding the core competencies and their relationship in the process of economic development. The guide also aides in the preparation of EDAC’s Ec.D. accreditation process.