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Code of Ethics

We are committed to the economic, social and environmental well being of communities across Canada.

Economic Development practitioners are dedicated to providing competent and ethical service to the communities they serve in the field of economic and community development. They strive to provide accurate and reliable information to the business community. They are committed to the economic, social and environmental well being of the community by the promotion of development initiatives in keeping with these principles.

EDAC members are dedicated to the promotion of high professional and ethical standards in all their activities as Economic Development professionals. In striving to obtain the ideals of high professional ethical standards EDAC members obligate themselves to the following principles.

  • A member will carry out all activities in a manner which will maintain the good reputation of the profession and its ability to serve the public interest.
  • A member will ensure that the level of professional services they provide is competent and in keeping with the high level of standards set out by the Association by continuing study of the Profession’s developments and innovations.The member will endeavour to perfect themselves in their chosen occupation to the best of their ability as an opportunity to serve our collective society.
  • A member will maintain the spirit of fairness in competition and help eradicate all forms of deception that violate that spirit.
  • A member will hold themselves free of any interest, influence or relationship in respect to any professional activity when dealing with clients which could impair professional judgement or objectivity or which in The reasonable view of the observer, has that effect.
  • A member has the duty to keep in confidence the affairs of any client, colleague or organization and shall not disclose confidential information obtained in the course of professional activities. Nor shall a member in any way exploit information obtained in the course of duties to their own advantage.
  • A member shall conduct their activities on a high ethical plane so that others emulating by example will help to raise the standards of conduct in industrial, business and economic and community development.
  • A member will endeavour to continuously raise the standards of the profession by conducting and sharing research developments and methodology.
  • A member shall treat all other members with respect and consideration due between professional colleagues.
  • A member has the responsibility to exemplify good citizenship in appreciation of the fact that the strength of the nation depends upon the calibre of its individual citizens. members will abide by the principles laid out in the “Code of Ethics” for the association, and will comply to all By-Laws, regulations, resolutions, and rules of professional conduct of the Association.