Brand Identity / Application

Kingston Brand

Submitted ByKingston Economic Development Corporation

The Kingston destination brand encapsulates a unique blend of historical charm and contemporary vibrancy, positioning Kingston as a city that celebrates authenticity, innovation, and creativity. This brand identity has proven to be a driving force behind the city’s success in attracting a diverse and sophisticated audience while fostering an environment where businesses and entrepreneurs thrive.

At the heart of the Kingston destination brand is its commitment to being Authentically Hip. The city stands as a haven for impassioned entrepreneurs, innovative thinkers, and global visionaries. With an unwavering dedication to promoting investment and nurturing creative ventures, Kingston cultivates an ecosystem where innovation flourishes. This authentic hipness has positioned the city as a magnet for individuals seeking an energetic and sophisticated environment in which to thrive.

The brand narrative is further enriched by the notion of being Culturally Vibrant. Kingston prides itself on being home to a smart and affluent population that champions diversity, embraces creativity, and empowers changemakers. The city’s cultural landscape is a testament to the harmonious convergence of old and new, fostering a community where both tradition and innovation coexist harmoniously. This unique blend of cultures, combined with a relentless pursuit of future possibilities, results in a dynamic environment where businesses prosper and the community thrives.

A defining characteristic of Kingston is its ability to remain Constantly Evolving. Despite its historical roots, the city stands at the forefront of the knowledge economy, embracing research and technology as catalysts for growth. Kingston is not only an incubator community but also an innovation hub, attracting individuals and enterprises seeking progressive solutions. This emphasis on evolution underscores the city’s commitment to remaining at the cutting edge of business development and fostering an environment that promotes continuous growth.

The brand’s youthful essence captures the essence of Kingston’s energy and vitality. It is a place where people of all life stages can feel invigorated, youthful, and engaged. The city’s ability to inspire enthusiasm and vigor ensures that Kingston remains a destination that resonates with both the young and the young at heart.

The surprising element of the Kingston brand stems from the contrast of its historic locations and vibrant creative energy. This creates an environment brimming with unexpected encounters and delightful moments around every corner. The city’s knack for combining its rich history with contemporary innovation ensures that visitors and residents alike are consistently captivated.

Sophistication is ingrained in every facet of Kingston’s identity. The culinary and arts scene rivals that of cities many times its size, offering diverse and tailored experiences that cater to local passions. The city’s population, which is affluent and educated, contributes to the refined ambiance that permeates through its streets and establishments.

Authenticity forms the bedrock of Kingston’s character. As a city with over three centuries of history, Kingston stands as a testament to innovation and creativity throughout the ages. The city’s rich tapestry of creators and innovators has molded it into a one-of-a-kind destination that embraces its heritage while embracing progress.

In essence, the Kingston destination brand – symbolised by the tagline Fresh Made Daily – encapsulates a city where ingenuity, creativity, and entrepreneurship are celebrated daily. It serves as a testament to the thriving ecosystem that empowers creators, nurtures businesses, and ignites fresh ideas. Kingston’s journey from a historic city to a dynamic hub of innovation and culture exemplifies the potential of effective destination branding, making it a deserving contender for recognition in the realm of marketing awards.

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