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Invest Saugeen Shores Community Profile

Submitted ByTown of Saugeen Shores

Each year the Town of Saugeen Shores updates its Community Profile Booklet. An informational/promotional piece for those looking to invest in our community.

It provides StatsCan data, local statistics, information on the economics of the area, as well as amenities, recreation, and testimonials from local businesses.

In 2023 we decided to not only update the content of the booklets but to revamp the design.

One of the changes in addition to the new design was dividing the booklet into two separate pieces. One that focused more on what current and potential investors would want to know, and one for new residents and physician recruitment.

Another change was to move from the annual updating schedule to updating it each election cycle, or StatsCan release date, depending on which comes first.

These changes allow us to be more targeted in our approach and to save on staff time and financial resources by omitting the yearly updates. In order not to lose the data that does change annually such as taxes, and construction value, a 2-page insert was created for the invest booklet to capture that information. The idea being that it is a much easier piece to update annually.

We work with our local developer community (who we meet with on a quarterly basis) to ensure the information we are providing in these guides is relevant to potential investors.

These booklets are available in hard copy and electronically in the Invest section of the Saugeen Shores website. We take them to conferences such as the Canadian Nuclear Association Conference annually as a way to promote our community to potential investors.

The 2023 version of this booklet is the first to feature the Innovation Park project and will play a major role in the promotion and sale of those new employment lands coming online in the fall of 2023.