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Barrie Arts Awards Program/Brochure

Submitted ByInvest Barrie - City of Barrie

BAA Program – Single Publication 5 pages or more category
The Barrie Arts Awards honour individuals and organizations for their contributions to the arts sector in Barrie. Each year, a highly visual, high-gloss program is produced featuring the evening’s agenda, performances, and a special reveal of the year’s winners. The program also provides an opportunity to thank and showcase the sponsors and supporters of the Awards. 250 copies are printed annually, and they serve as keepsakes for those featured within the pages, as well as stakeholders and supporters of the awards. In 2022, the Barrie Arts Awards presented beautifully redesigned branding, which was showcased most effectively with the printed program.
The purpose of the 2022 Barrie Arts Awards program was to showcase the rebrand while highlighting the year’s winners, performers and sponsors in a visually impressive print format. The care and creativity put into the program makes it a keepsake for all those involved.
This goal was accomplished by working closely with the City of Barrie’s Marketing and Communications Department, as well as local agency and long-time Barrie Arts Awards sponsor Rhubarb Media. Together, we ensured the new branding reflected the vibrancy of the event and the artists involved. We also ensured all content was accurate and described the event and the year’s winners in an exciting way. Finally, we worked with a local printing company, Allegra, to print the high-gloss programs.
The target audience of the Barrie Arts Awards and the marketing materials associated with it, including the printed program, includes the Barrie arts and culture community and its stakeholders, including arts organizations, sponsors and funders of the arts, individual artists, and arts appreciators.
One of the challenges we faced with this project was collecting the various elements in the correct size, format, and resolution all within a timeline that allowed the graphic designer to manipulate the content into a beautiful keepsake piece.
In previous years, we struggled to pare down the length of award winners’ biographies to fit within the program page limits. To avoid this issue in 2022, we put a wordcount limit on the biography field of the nomination form and requested additional information that was often included in the biographies to be submitted via other fields of the nomination application. We also leveraged the expertise and experience of our design partner, Rhubarb Media, which helped to reduce these challenges that would have delayed the project.