Single Advertisment

You Could Do Worse

Submitted ByColdwell Banker Beaver Realty Brokerage

To Whom It May Concern:

We humbly submit the attached copy of our recent billboard that made national news on CBC along with two Word documents (the Abstract & supporting documentation) as our application to the Single Advertisement category.

We are two Realtors in London, Ontario who have started our own brokerage; all we have is our marketing and we are making conscientious and deliberate efforts to stand out with advertisements that are intelligent, self-deprecating, honest and speak to fundamental truths of the industry. Further, we seek to engage the client from their perspective rather than trying to one-up our competitors; through our advertisements, we help them decide who they might prefer to work with.

Because this approach flies in the face of typical industry convention (i.e., bragging about sales volumes, awards, being #1, etc.) we have been met by considerable resistance with this advertisement (which adheres objectively to all advertising standards); however, we also have been an inspiration to others who appreciate the courage we have demonstrated in being more transparent, vulnerable and human. Indeed, it has been tremendously polarizing and we believe that speaks to how effective it has been.

We have enjoyed considerable success with this approach and, given the viral nature of the story first picked up by the CBC, we have become synonymous and branded with this slogan.

In advance, thank you very much for your time and consideration of our application in this category.

Thank you