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Workforce toolkits – Employers / Job Seekers

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Our workforce toolkits are part of the Workforce Development strategy and were created to provide both Job Seekers and Employers with easily digestible and accessible (online) information, best practices and an insider’s look at all the community agencies and partners to rely on to help with employers or job seeker searches. Ignite creates pathways for labour force connections through skilled worker & newcomer attraction. We support the workforce by providing opportunities for networking, skills development, programs, and other resources to pair skilled job seekers with local businesses seeking talent. 

Our toolkits are a perfect example of HOW Ignite offers resources required to support and enhance the workforce landscape across the region we serve. Our toolkits, offered in both French and English, have been a valuable and much used asset. Their landing page on our website has been viewed over 360 times since they were uploaded in March. 

Employer Toolkit (pdf link)  

Ignite understands through our employer relationships and conversations that developing a hiring strategy is an essential step in aligning the hiring process with the organization’s broader values and goals. A hiring strategy brings structure to the complex task of hiring, on-boarding, and training, which saves time, money, and frustration. Hiring can be challenging and risky – as most employers know, a poor hire can be costly. At the same time, hiring can be a tremendous opportunity to acquire employees with new skills, perspectives, and experiences. A thoughtful strategy will help balance risks and opportunities.  

Job Seeker Toolkit (pdf link)  

Our Jobseeker toolkit is a 10-step search process to help job seekers find new work or transition to a different position of employment. The document details a series of best practices that aim to help make job searches efficient and effective. The document also offers a series of exercises and resources to help job seekers better understand the job search process in today’s job market. Special emphasis is placed on networking as part of the job search and emphasizes networking as a means to increase chances of job success. 

These toolkits paired with Ignite’s many networking opportunities and specialized programs, such as job fairs and company spotlights, where we feature one employer looking to fill a variety of positions, allows Ignite to support a healthy and prosperous region where people can live, work and play.  

Client testimonials have proved that these toolkits are extremely useful in understanding the Canadian job search dynamics. The fact that networking skills are primary, and focusing on skills instead of chronological experience are just a few examples of how these toolkits help job seekers become employment ready.  

Employers/businesses, especially small and medium sized businesses without formal Human Resources departments also find these steps very useful when hiring for their jobs, helping them follow through the process of defining a job, creating job descriptions, identifying budgets, screening, interviewing and selecting the right candidates. As a value addition, we regularly arrange bootcamps and training programs to help keep the information top of mind for users of these toolkits.