“Why DMZ?” Testimonial Video

Submitted ByTown of Innisfil

DMZ “Why Innisfil” Promotional Video 


The Town of Innisfil proudly presents our submission for the “Promotional Video” award category, showcasing our captivating promotional video titled “Why DMZ Innisfil?”. Situated north of the GTA, Innisfil has dispelled the misconception that entrepreneurs must be based in Toronto to access comprehensive business support and connect with like-minded innovators. With the DMZ Innisfil Program, the town successfully brings world-class assistance to its rural community, creating a dynamic entrepreneurial hub against the backdrop of lakeside living. Launched in 2022/2023, the DMZ Innisfil 2.0 program focuses on supporting local entrepreneurs within Innisfil and Simcoe County, amplifying the impact of the program. To bridge the gap between local founders and program participants, an intentional and multi-pronged storytelling campaign was introduced in 2023. This campaign involves a series of themed published advertisements, leveraging a range of digital assets to spotlight local startups and showcase the myriad opportunities, attractions, events, and services available in the community. 

 Our promotional video, “Why DMZ Innisfil?”, takes center stage in this campaign. This engaging video captures the stories of DMZ Innisfil’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, featuring heartfelt testimonials from successful entrepreneurs who have thrived within the program. We showcased their passion, challenges, and triumphs, inspiring others to join our thriving community of innovators. 

The video, while highlighting the accomplishments of local entrepreneurs, also underscores Innisfil’s commitment to sustainable development and fostering an ecosystem that nurtures startups. Through this video, we aim to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs while emphasizing the role of community support and environmental stewardship in building a thriving business landscape. 

As a result of its broad distribution, our video garnered significant attention and interest, achieving over 3,000 views and interactions, which contributed to its substantial impact on our community’s economic development and business growth. 

Through this submission, we hope to inspire other communities to embrace the power of video storytelling in promoting their economic opportunities, while also emphasizing sustainable practices and community engagement.  

 Why DMZ Video: