Website Redesign: Answering “Why Whitby?” Through Web Content

Submitted ByTown of Whitby

In early 2023, the Whitby Economic Development team worked to redevelop, aiming to enhance its user experience and optimize information accessibility. The primary focus of this redesign was to create a user-friendly interface that enables visitors to easily navigate and access information with utmost clarity and conciseness.

Before the redesign, the main page of was burdened with excessive content, necessitating users to engage in arduous scrolling to locate pertinent information. This approach proved inefficient, as much of the content was irrelevant to the average visitor. To address this issue, we undertook the strategic step of organizing the platform into three distinct sections: Why Whitby, Start and Grow, and Business Resources. Each section catered to specific user segments, facilitating seamless navigation and targeted information retrieval.

The “Why Whitby” section was crafted to appeal to potential investors, offering an immersive experience backed by current and relevant statistics and data. Collaborating with LocalIntel, renowned experts in interactive data tools, we integrated captivating visualizations that showcased Whitby’s community advantages, encompassing Quality of Life, Logistical, Workforce, and Talent Pipeline benefits. Furthermore, this section highlighted major employers and key partners within our thriving business ecosystem, along with valuable testimonials, fostering a compelling case for Whitby as the preferred destination for business investments.

Recognizing the challenges faced by users while navigating the previous “Business Resources” page, we took a fresh approach to foster enhanced ease of use. Instead of presenting a cumbersome single page filled with information, we adopted a visually engaging approach. The revamped Business Resources page features eight distinct graphics, each accompanied by a clear heading, providing a concise overview of the available resources. By clicking on the graphics or headings, users are seamlessly directed to individual resource pages, enabling effortless access to comprehensive information on each resource.

Moreover, to personalize the user experience and establish a stronger connection, we introduced a new “Meet the Team” section on the main page. This engaging addition showcases the Whitby Economic Development team members, featuring their names, positions, emails, and headshots, allowing visitors to associate faces with the dedicated professionals working behind the scenes.

The updates to proved to be successful. Comparing Q2 of 2022 to Q2 of 2023, we saw a 15.5% increase in visits to, a 100% increase in visits to our Business Resources page, an 11% increase in visits to our Why Whitby page, and a 65% increase in visits to our Start and Grow page. In addition, there was a 47.6% increase in the time spent across these pages, as well as a 90% increase in unique pageviews.

The comprehensive redevelopment of stands as a testament to our commitment to fostering a dynamic and supportive environment for businesses, investors, and entrepreneurs. By providing intuitive navigation, interactive data tools, and personalized touches, we aim to facilitate seamless access to vital resources, promoting Whitby as an ideal community for business growth and prosperity.