Wellington County Tourism – Descriptive Videos

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The County of Wellington is your perfect day-trip or weekending destination, just a short trip away from many bustling urban centres such as the GTA and the Golden Horseshoe. A rural region in southwestern Ontario, the area is a hidden gem, with many unique and authentic experiences – our Wellington County tourism videos showcase the multitude of experiences and locations visitors may encounter on their trip to visit.

Wellington County tourism videos cover nine different ways to plan your visit to the area – from taste tours and local foods, to watersports and water destinations, horseback riding adventures, and exploration of natural areas, among a variety of other ways you can enjoy your time in Wellington County. These videos illustrate the best the County has to offer, not the least of which is a nostalgic experience with innovative and unique activities alongside incredible natural beauty.
In paid social media campaigns on Meta platforms, the summer-focused tourism videos garnered over 120,000 ThruPlays. The holiday videos had a reach of over 200,000, and the winter videos generated 4,015 link clicks. These numbers reflect the sustainable tourism Wellington County wishes the cultivate – that is, not mass tourism, but stable numbers of visitors to the County’s rural gems which does not overwhelm these destinations’ tourism infrastructure.

Our Wellington County tourism videos feature activities for all ages and demographic – you can stay overnight at one of our “unique escapes” with a partner or some friends, or take the family to one of our many local farms to “explore beyond the farm gate”. The intention of these promotional videos is to communicate that Wellington County is for anyone – and everyone – to visit, explore, and make your own. Wellington County’s tourism strategy as whole, supported by our tourism videos, as well as other materials such as the Guelph-Wellington Local Food Map and Food Experience Guide, seek to promote the area as a down-to-earth destination, with lots to offer for many different tastes. To further sell this point, tourism videos were also created to promote experiences that can be enjoyed outside the typical tourism season, such as through our “Winter Outings” and “Come and Play in Winter in Wellington County” as well as “Holiday Happenings” promotions. Promoting Wellington County as a year-round accessible destination for visitors provides support for the small businesses that may see a decline in visitors and sales during the colder months of the year.

Recently, these videos began the process of becoming accessible, inviting individuals of all ability levels to experience what Wellington County has to offer, beginning with our winter videos.

These videos provide only a snapshot of what Wellington County has to offer, directing viewers to further explore at, which features a more comprehensive overview of everything there is to do in Wellington County. The Wellington County tourism videos have helped to establish the County as not only an accessible agri-food destination, but one of Ontario’s premier rural playgrounds.
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