Welcome Home. Relocating to Kawartha Lakes Video Series.

Submitted ByCity of Kawartha Lakes  

Purpose: In response to a workforce shortage and aging population, the City of Kawartha Lakes Economic Development Team created three signature videos as part of our “Welcome Home – Relocating to Kawartha Lakes” campaign. The primary objective of the campaign is to promote a slower-paced and community-based lifestyle, while tapping into the trend relocating to a rural community. The team embraced this opportunity to leverage our refreshed brand and attract new investment. By highlighting the stories of inspiring individuals who have wholeheartedly embraced the Kawartha Lakes lifestyle, the campaign has fostered community pride while encouraging businesses and individuals to make the move.  

Each entrepreneur featured represent a unique facet of the community’s appeal: opportunity, community, and natural environment. Through their stories, we emphasize the vibrant business ecosystem, limitless possibility for success and fulfillment, strong community spirit, and abundant natural resources. 

To maximize reach and engagement, we shared the signature videos across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. Paired with a clear call to action, interested individuals are guided to visit our Welcome Home and Move My Business landing pages. These pages allow visitors to sign up for our newsletter and complete a form to connect with a local ambassador. 

Effectiveness: In the few months, the videos have been released, they have garnered overwhelmingly positive feedback from both the local community and beyond. Above their original purpose, the videos have become a valuable marketing tool used across City departments.  

The tagline Jump In, derived from our Brand Guidelines, is frequently used when promoting our community. The play on words evokes an image of jumping into a lake, river, or body of water. It also represents jumping into a new opportunity, business, career, community, or lifestyle. These videos display the many opportunities for growth in a memorable and impactful manner. They evoke positive emotions by focusing on relatable stories of family, career success, and belonging in a community. Emotional persuasion has been effectively harnessed as a marketing tool. 

Challenges: Facing a workforce shortage and needing Kawartha Lakes to be on the radar of businesses decision makers, this campaign supports attracting and retaining new talent as well as businesses keen on relocating.  

Target Audience: Workforce aged potential residents within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA), aged 30 to 50. Business owners and entrepreneurs within the GTA who can be persuaded to relocate here. 

Sustainably: Authentic stories, intentional outcomes, and sustainable design were the foundation for this project. The videographer is a resident of Kawartha Lakes and was able to use pre-existing footage. The musical compositions in each of the videos were crafted by talented local musicians, highlighting the vibrant creative industry in our community. Kawartha Lakes is highlighted as an unspoiled and health-conscious place. A business highlighted puts a strong emphasis on using sustainable products.