Tourism Vaughan Highlight Video

Submitted ByEconomic Development Department - City of Vaughan

Tourism Vaughan, the destination marketing and development organization (DMO) for the City of Vaughan, had a brand awareness issue due to its launch during the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition to this lack of recognition for the DMO, the city itself suffered from a lack of recognition regarding what the destination included.


As determined while creating the DMO’s Destination Master Plan, Vaughan attractions and hotels were often confused for being a part of Toronto. Many others assumed that Vaughan’s neighbourhoods – such as Kleinburg or Woodbridge – were municipalities in their own right, and not a part of the broader city of Vaughan.


To rectify this issue, Tourism Vaughan created a 30-second highlight video to showcase how Vaughan is the ultimate tourist destination with a wide offering of stunning scenery, attractions, festivals, outdoor adventures and culture. This short yet impactful video encapsulated the essence of Vaughan’s multifaceted charm, and how it is a destination of choice for families, couples, and visiting friends and relatives.

To bring better focus to the areas that needed awareness building, the video captured the diverse array of attractions that Vaughan has to offer. Key landmarks, entertainment venues, festivals, and nature trails were put in the spotlight to speak to the city’s ability to cater to a wide range of interests and preferences, making it an enticing destination for a broad spectrum of travelers. In the end, however, it all came back to Vaughan – one city for everyone. To highlight so many landmarks was important to portray the destination, but even more important was the effort to create a sense of place that would resonate with audiences to evoke a desire to experience Vaughan firsthand. The video concluded with Tourism Vaughan’s website to direct future travelers to a place that would assist in planning a visit:


The highlight video was showcased at two predominant activations:

  • A free shuttle bus that traveled from downtown Toronto to Vaughan every weekend over the course of just over four months. The shuttle took over 14,000 riders during that period and encourage travelers who were coming into Vaughan to stay and consider other destinations. With the call-out at the end, travelers would be able to explore other options to extend their visit or return another time.
  • The Central Counties Tourism Annual Symposium, which was attended by over 100 guests, provided Tourism Vaughan with the unique opportunity to build rapport and connect with other local businesses that still were unaware of the DMO’s presence and role within the city.

In celebrating Vaughan’s unique blend of culture, natural beauty, and dynamic family fun, this video highlighted the city’s potential as a top-tier tourist destination with its breadth of offerings. It assisted in providing brand awareness for Tourism Vaughan as a DMO, but also as an amazing destination that all could fall in love with.


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