Advertising Campaign

Toronto Out of Home Agritech Ad Campaign

Submitted ByCalgary Economic Development


Agribusiness is one of Calgary’s key sectors and in turn, a focus for Calgary Economic Development’s business development team. To drive awareness for the agribusiness sector in Calgary, we executed an out-of-home advertising campaign to captivate the attention of attendees at the AGRI Tech Venture Forum in Toronto, Ontario from May 3 – 4, 2023.


For five days throughout the week of the conference, attendees were exposed to Calgary’s distinct Live Tech, Love Life messaging around Toronto leveraging digital advertising and placements in the Toronto path system and nearby transit network. Digital ads ran on LinkedIn driving conference attendees to agribusiness focused resources on our website. Advertising placements including the airport, restaurants, hotels, shopping malls and taxis rounded out the campaign to keep Calgary top of mind.

The campaign reinforces two key messages: tech professionals can do meaningful work in Calgary’s thriving tech ecosystem and there is an enviable quality of life to match.

This campaign was successful in generating 3.2 million impressions, a delivery of 110 per cent of our planned impressions, as well as 9,189 digital impressions. On May 2 – 4, we saw 63 views to the agribusiness page, a 173.9 per cent increase from the previous year.


Due to the robust nature of our targeting strategy, our team had to create 36 separate creative pieces for the various traditional and digital mediums. It was a challenge for our internal team to manage the creative design and campaign execution given the limited resources working towards a distinctive deadline. The impact was well worth the effort and project planning.


Our target audience was divided into two segments: primary and secondary.

  • Primary audience: Agribusiness decision makers attending the AGRI Tech Venture Forum in Toronto, Ontario from May 3 – 4, 2023
  • Secondary audience: Tech professionals living in Toronto


Calgary is a leader in agribusiness innovation. Calgary-based companies are working to solve global challenges in food security and sustainable agriculture.

This campaign supported this important goal to reinforce that Calgary is an emerging global innovation destination for professionals, companies and capital. Additionally, the messaging looked to influence business decision makers to choose Calgary as the hub to solve the world’s biggest challenges and enjoy a desirable quality of life.