Pet-Friendly Caledon

Submitted ByTown of Caledon

Through the creation and distribution of a short video project, we were able to celebrate the Town of Caledon’s designation as a Mars Canada ‘Better City for Pets’, foster pride of place for residents, advertise Caledon as a welcoming, friendly, and fun place to visitors and potential residents, and begin a registry of local, pet-friendly businesses.

Businesses who signed up to be included in the registry as a pet-friendly business were provided with a PR kit, including window stickers sharing their designation, and other pet-related items, benefiting both the Town and the businesses in the process.

The project was approached from a creative and exploratory lens, intended to being a sense of joy, whimsy and adventure to the video, in which we were able to mount a camera to one of our canine residents, and explore the Town from a dog’s perspective, putting the pets of Caledon in, if you’ll excuse the pun, clear focus.

The goal of the project was multipronged. Having received the ‘Better Cities for Pets’ designation, we wished to celebrate it to enhance pride of place for residents, and draw attention from potential residents, visitors, and business owners.

Ultimately, we wanted this to be a lasting promotions piece; something fun and creative we could share across platforms to highlight Caledon as a beautiful, fun, and welcoming place for “pets and their people”.

Between the official Town and Tourism Instagram accounts, the video had over 6000 plays, and the acceptance of the designation/video launch was covered extensively by local media.

Together, these efforts allowed us to provide that business support, pride of place, and cheerful promotion we had set out to achieve, and has helped us proudly move forward as the first Canadian city to receive this ‘pet-friendly’ designation in 2023.

Video can be viewed here: