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Main Street Makeover Postcard

Submitted ByTown of Caledon

The Main Street Makeover Postcard was created to enhance awareness of the Town of Caledon’s Community Improvement Plans. The Community Improvement Plans (CIP) promote redevelopment and revitalization in the areas of Bolton, Caledon East and the six villages. Those who own or lease a commercial property in one of these areas and want to improve their property may be eligible for grants to renovate, redevelop, revitalize, and beautify their property.

When approaching this particular print piece, we looked at previous pieces for the Community Improvement Plans, and found them to be heavily loaded with jargon and to be filled with great deal of text that may not mean a great deal to most readers. With that in mind, we set out to create a postcard that was clean, professional and engaging, but not overwhelming. By simplifying, reducing, and refreshing copy to highlight only what is of interest to these business or property owners, we were able to produce a piece that provided key, interesting, and useful information, and drove contact to our team members, who would then be able to provide personalized support in discovering which grants they were eligible for, and assist them through the application process.