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Locked on Local Podcast

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Podcasts are perhaps one of the most powerful storytelling tools currently dominating the ‘airwaves’ of digital spaces across the globe. They provide an intimate and authentic side to conversation, allowing diverse groups of people and opinions a platform to engage in meaningful discussions.   


In July of 2022, the Marketing team decided to refresh our podcast branding and name. Prior to that time, Ignite hosted a podcast called Locked In with Lockhart – hosted by our very own Andrew Lockhart. This podcast was conceptualized to facilitate conversation with local business owners during the COVID-19 pandemic, which is where “Locked In” originated from. The podcast was primarily promoted via Andrew’s personal LinkedIn page where Ignite was tagged when the podcasts were released. In a post-pandemic setting, the name of the podcast became almost negative in nature and there was also a degree of Ignite ownership and branding that was lost as it was connected to one person on our team.  

The name – Locked On Local was put forward to the entire team along with several logo / branding concepts. Once we landed on the new name and logo – we got to work creating awareness of the podcast on our regular social channels.  

The intent of the podcast is to engage and interview regional businesses with a variety of themes throughout the year. Content focuses on information on the business, business owner (or lead), and touches upon additional topics such as business challenges, opportunities, etc. 

Our promotional messaging is as follows;  

“Locked on Local is here to disrupt, to be honest, to be REAL about entrepreneurship in Atlantic Canada! We will cover meaningful topics and stories that impact entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. We want to help YOU stay ahead of the curve no matter which step you’re about to take! Locked On Local is a community of voices and viewpoints and we need you to help us build it, so: Tune in, engage and grow! ” 


Once a new episode is recorded (edited) and promoted – we also include it on our Insights page on the website. The most current episode appears at the top and then is archived in the podcast section (library) carousel in the middle section of the page. You will see a link on the website that invites people to submit their ideas or ask to be a guest 

The images below showcase our promotional social campaign along with a few examples of how we promote NEW podcast episodes to engage our audience and give them a reason to listen! We have also included a promotional campaign inviting our followers to send us their ideas for future guests / topics and to use as evergreen ads when we have no podcast episodes to promote.  

Many time throughout the year Ignite organizes activities and program based on themes – our Locked On Local can begin to help shape those themes with podcasts and conversations around topics such as, Succession Planning, Employee retention and attraction – post pandemic, Cyber Security , Immigration & Diversity in the Workplace, Women in Business, etc. We also plan to expand the hosting duties of the podcast to include all members of our team in order to faciliate broader discussions and leverage team expertese.