Brand Identity / Application

Hamilton Film Office brand

Submitted ByCity of Hamilton

Tourism and Culture Division, City of Hamilton

Hamilton Film Office Brand


The Hamilton Film Office, part of the City of Hamilton’s Tourism and Culture Division, Planning and Economic Development Department, launched a new brand identity in 2022. Produced by Hamilton based marketing agency, Cinnamon Toast, the brand demonstrates the Film Office’s pride in Hamilton as one of the busiest filming destinations in Ontario.

Purpose of Project (including anticipated outcomes)

In response to the exponential increase in film activity in recent years, the City of Hamilton launched a dedicated Film Office to manage film operations. The branding project set out to communicate the new and enhanced level of customer service to film industry stakeholders and present a professional image acknowledging Hamilton’s thriving film industry, its significant contributions to Hamilton’s local economy and the City of Hamilton’s commitment to proactively attract and retain transient film production business.

Anticipated outcomes included: increasing industry awareness of the Hamilton Film Office and its services and enhancing the ability of Hamilton Film Office to take advantage of marketing and relationship building opportunities with potential clients.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives

The brand voice and tone are creative, welcoming, authentic, friendly yet professional, casual yet informative – a reflection of the city itself. The brand voice and tone are used to frame the Film Office’s key messages and visual identity, leading to several successful marketing activities that produced follow up enquires and plans for future filming in Hamilton: a sales mission to LA, familiarization tours for LA and NYC based productions and key domestic decision-makers.

Feedback received from the Ontario Film Commission indicates that Hamilton’s Film Office has successfully carved out its own identity, with foreign producers considering filming in Ontario increasingly requesting Hamilton-specific information. With 177 film productions registered and 986 film permits issued in 2022, a roughly 20% increase in volume over 2021 activity, the brand’s effectiveness is clear.

Challenges & Changes made

Recent updates to the corporate website have restricted the Film Office’s ability to incorporate the visual identity of the brand online, prompting a shift in focus to incorporate the brand tone and message into written content with greater intention.

Target Audience (demographics)

Film sector clients – production company executives, location scouts, and location managers.


The film industry is becoming increasingly conscious of its environmental impact and implementing practices such as banning single use food and drink packaging on set. Industry event organizers request that vendors and attendees to limit distribution of printed materials. To demonstrate support for the film industry’s trend towards greater environmental and social consciousness, the Hamilton Film Office purchased a limited number of high-quality branded items to support implementation of the brand. Printed collateral is limited to business cards, greeting cards and a double-sided brochure.