Filming in North Bay Microsite

Submitted ByThe Corporation of the City of North Bay

Filming in North Bay Microsite

Purpose of Project and Anticipated Outcomes

The City of North Bay’s new filming microsite accessible at, serves primarily as a platform for investment attraction and growing the industry, and for servicing active projects with resources and an embedded film permitting process.

Effectiveness and Meeting Objectives

As a dedicated marketing and investment attraction tool, the microsite empowers potential film and television projects with essential information which equips them to make informed decisions and strengthens North Bay’s appeal. For ongoing projects, the microsite streamlines permitting processes and resource access, enhancing efficiency. Anticipated outcomes encompass increased investment, streamlined operations, improved accessibility, and bolstered economic development services.

Challenges and Changes Made

The microsite has garnered positive feedback and traffic, however, challenges from the current ongoing Writers Guild of America strike, and SAG-AFTRA actors strike have led to a temporary traffic dip. This slow period is being strategically utilized for ongoing microsite enhancements.

Target Audience

The microsite caters to two main target audiences:

  • Film and television prospects and projects as an information repository offering location information, incentives, resources, testimonials, past project insights, and a step-by-step permitting process.
  • Local businesses and residents as an information hub to learn more about the filming process, anticipate its impact, and engage with filmmakers seeking to utilize their premises.

Electronic Strategy

The electronic strategy for the microsite includes Google Analytics, SEO, social media integration, and embedding in promotions and the permitting process. Plans involve regular updates based on user feedback and analytics to create engaging and informative content.

User Friendliness, Ease of Navigation and Updating

The microsite’s use of images, and its user-centric design, enable easy navigation. This ensures swift access to information for filmmakers and local projects seeking permits. The intuitive back-end system empowers staff to maintain current and relevant content through regular updates. The microsite has five main pages —Past Projects, Incentives, Locations, Filming, and Resources— which are designed for optimal access to information.


As part of a broader strategy, the microsite’s sustainability is planned to increase by integrating it into a larger Economic Development Department website redesign project. This integration envisions a comprehensive platform showcasing filming investment among other economic development opportunities in North Bay. Additionally, the microsite’s content seeks to improve the sustainability of the filming industry in North Bay through the promotion of local businesses that cater to the film industry, regional incentives, and film environmental sustainability tools.


The North Bay filming microsite is crucial for regional economic development, used as a tool for lead generation, and a platform for our internal film permitting. Its purpose is to attract investment, promote filming, and spur local economic growth through easy, and engaging visual access to information and processes.