Elevating Alberta’s Rural Film Industry through Innovative Website

Submitted ByTown of Didsbury on behalf of Mountain Regional Film Office

We proudly present the award-worthy submission for the groundbreaking Mountain View Regional Film Office (MVRFO) website, a pioneering platform that encapsulates the spirit of our partnering communities – the Town of Didsbury, Town of Sundre, and Mountain View County. Designed to propel our region into the global film landscape, this website embodies innovation, user-centric design, and invaluable resources for filmmakers, businesses, and investors.

Unique Features and Design: The MVRFO website is a masterclass in intuitive design, boasting innovative elements that resonate with our community’s essence. It serves as a comprehensive repository of current data, statistics, and pertinent services tailored to our target audience. Its user-friendly interface ensures seamless navigation, enhancing accessibility and searchability of vital information.

Unveiling Alberta’s First Rural Film Office: Our website,, stands as the flagship of Alberta’s inaugural rural film office, marking a significant milestone in the province’s cinematic landscape. At its core, the site acts as a captivating canvas, showcasing the breathtaking natural vistas and rustic locales that define our region, enticing filmmakers to explore our picturesque settings.

Multifaceted Benefits: The MVRFO website is a dynamic convergence point for diverse stakeholders. It’s a go-to resource for location scouts and managers, providing an extensive directory of local resources and settings that harmonize with various screenplays. We’ve partnered with the Alberta Film Commission to integrate Reel Scout, a premier locations-search service, further streamlining the scouting process at no cost.

Global Investment Attraction: Beyond filmmaking, the website doubles as a magnet for foreign direct investment, beckoning tech firms to join our vibrant film, TV, and media ecosystem. By fostering economic growth and opportunities, it serves as a catalyst for business retention, investment, and resident attraction.

Enriching Content and Community: Our website engages users with captivating photo and video galleries, grouped by thematic elements, showcasing versatile settings primed for cinematic magic. Promotional videos spotlight the Mountain View region and its partnering communities, while local resource information, grants, incentives, and industry affiliations enhance its appeal.

Measured Impact: Since its launch, the MVRFO website has significantly transformed our region’s cinematic landscape. Productions have surged, including notable projects such as Fargo Season 5 and “The Order,” infusing substantial economic vitality. Filming and investment inquiries have surged by 80%, accompanied by a notable uptick in film tourism and local business activity.

Overcoming Challenges: Our journey wasn’t without hurdles. Integrating and optimizing tools, ensuring mobile compatibility, and grappling with analytics complexities delayed our launch by three months. Yet, we persevered, ensuring a seamless user experience and impactful online presence.

Evolving for the Future: The MVRFO website continues to evolve, embodying Calgary’s ethos and vibrant economic landscape. Through collaboration with digital agency Unfussy, the site presents a captivating visual narrative, tailored for diverse audiences seeking information about the Mountain View Region’s opportunities and livability.

Innovative Design, Lasting Impact: The website encapsulates the essence of Alberta’s rural film industry and the Mountain View Region’s economic narrative. This visionary website is a beacon of innovation, inviting global audiences to explore, engage, and invest in the unique tapestry of our communities. As we stand on the threshold of a new era, we celebrate the power of digital platforms in shaping our shared future in the area film, TV and media.