Recovery Project/Plan

Downtown Bolton Revitalization

Submitted ByTown of Caledon

With the knowledge that a place is truly its people, the Downtown Bolton Revitalization Plan focused on events, art, refurbishment, public domain beautification, and enhanced placemaking in order to bring back a space where small businesses can thrive, people want to dine and shop, and an empowered BIA supports beautification efforts. We needed to bring a sense of place back to Caledon’s most urban downtown core. Over the course of this project, the Town established a Task Force, meeting regularly to prioritize action items and, in partnership with various community groups, achieving success.

Since the beginning of 2021, 15 new businesses have opened in downtown Bolton, multiple jobs have been created, four public art installations were completed, a designated cleaning crew was established, new seating was installed, and multiple events with attendance over 5,000 people were undertaken to bring shoppers into the downtown core. Strong partnerships with business owners, key stakeholders, Mississaugas of the Credit First Nation, and the Bolton BIA as well as other community and resident groups were created and continue to meet and feel supported.

The goal of this project was to breathe much-needed life back into the Village of Bolton. With limited parking and no walkability, the once-thriving downtown area of Bolton faded to little more than a row of unmaintained buildings barely noted in the rearview mirrors of those passing through, and the Town was not satisfied to allow this unique village to fade. Determined to support both the village and its downtown, the Town of Caledon set about years of work, including bypass construction, Heritage District designation, facade improvement grants through a CIP, and, finally, the development of the Bolton Downtown Revitalization Plan.

By listening to our residents and focusing heavily on the building of social capital, the Town of Caledon was able to bring stakeholders together to great success, including events, art, refurbishment, public domain beautification, and enhanced placemaking.