Brand Identity / Application

Downtown Bolton Brand

Submitted ByTown of Caledon

Purpose of Project (including anticipated outcomes) – to create a cohesive brand for the Downtown Bolton Revitalization Project, to represent the project, and to unify the many community and town stakeholders working together to make the project possible. Our biggest barrier throughout the Downtown Bolton Revitalization Project was tense or fractured relationships between stakeholders, due to difficult history, inflexible opinions, and conflicting desires. Through dedicated leadership and an approach extremely focused on building community engagement and relationships, staff facilitated weekly meetings and were able to build social capital and bridge existing gaps. This logo was created with an eye to that work in relationship building, and served to help unite all involved in our mission.

We also wanted to heavily feature green in the logo, to represent both the green space in Caledon, but the commitment to sustainability within the project. The project was approached from the start as a revitalization of the downtown, rather than an overhaul. The inclusion of the date of establishment in the logo was intentionally done to indicate that honouring Bolton’s heritage was of the utmost importance to all stakeholders. By offering grants to fix and improve existing infrastructure and community space, and focusing on placemaking and activation in those refreshed spaces, we were able to maintain the charm, history, and uniqueness of Bolton, while making it a more accessible, beautiful, and lively place, united by purpose, vision, community, and brand.