Single Advertisment

DMZ 2.0 “Why DMZ?” single advertisement

Submitted ByTown of Innisfil


The Town of Innisfil proudly presents our submission for the “single advertisement” category which was an ad for our DMZ Innisfil 2.0 campaign, titled “Why DMZ Innisfil?”. 

Situated north of the GTA, Innisfil has dispelled the misconception that entrepreneurs must be based in Toronto to access comprehensive business support and connect with like-minded innovators. With the DMZ Innisfil Program, the town successfully brings world-class assistance to its rural community, creating a dynamic entrepreneurial hub against the backdrop of lakeside living. Launched in 2022/2023, the DMZ Innisfil 2.0 program focuses on supporting local entrepreneurs within Innisfil and Simcoe County, amplifying the impact of the program. To bridge the gap between local founders and program participants, an intentional and multi-pronged storytelling campaign was introduced in 2023. This campaign involves a series of themed published advertisements, leveraging a range of digital assets to spotlight local startups and showcase the myriad opportunities, attractions, events, and services available in the community. This advertisement is part of this campaign. 

The core of our single advertisement revolves around a professionally crafted video titled “Why DMZ Innisfil” This engaging video captures the stories of DMZ Innisfil’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, featuring heartfelt testimonials from successful entrepreneurs who have thrived within the program. We showcased their passion, challenges, and triumphs, inspiring others to join our thriving community of innovators. 

Target Audience: 

Our target audience was startup founders and entrepreneurs seeking an environment that fosters growth, collaboration, and business success. They are located in Innisfil, with a secondary market of Simcoe County. Through in-depth market research, we identified key demographics and preferences, ensuring our advertisement resonated with those who sought a supportive and vibrant entrepreneurial hub. 

Advertisement Placement and Distribution: 

To maximize the reach and impact of our advertisement, we strategically deployed it across Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, leveraging the platforms’ diverse user bases and sophisticated targeting capabilities. By aligning our advertisement with our audience’s interests and behaviors, we garnered significant visibility and engagement. 

Performance Metrics: 

The success of our single advertisement is best reflected in the performance metrics that showcase the advertisement’s reach and effectiveness: 

Facebook Metrics: 


Impressions: 131526 

Click-through Rate (CTR): 1.2% 

Link Clicks: 1592 

Total Cost: $900 

LinkedIn Metrics: 


Impressions: 16,827 

Click-through Rate (CTR): 0.5% 

Link Clicks: 88 

Total Cost: $300  

Impact and Results: 

 The advertisement’s widespread reach attracted a record number of startup founders and entrepreneurs to apply for the program, creating a diverse and robust cohort of innovative minds. Furthermore, the video’s powerful storytelling fostered a sense of community among entrepreneurs, nurturing collaboration and knowledge-sharing. 

Applications received: 31 

Entrepreneurs entered cohort: 15 



Our “Single Advertisement” for DMZ Innisfil’s 2nd Cohort Program serves as a testament to the power of authentic storytelling and targeted distribution. Through strategic placement on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, our “Why DMZ Innisfil?” video resonated with our target audience, attracting numerous aspiring entrepreneurs to join our thriving community. The performance metrics speak to the advertisement’s success in creating an impactful and engaging campaign that significantly influenced our community’s entrepreneurial landscape.

To view our ad video: