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The Connector Program is a Canada-wide program, active in over 30 communities across the country. Ignite is proud to bring the Connector Program to our region.     

The Ignite Connector Program matches internationally educated professionals and recent graduates (Connectees) with successful local professionals (Connectors). They are matched based on industry experience, professional backgrounds, or the Connectee’s interest in a specific sector. Connectors are asked to refer the Connectee to three people in their network. Ignite Connector Program offers to match them with established leaders who work in the same field to help newcomers, international and local graduates integrate into the local job market by expanding their professional networks quickly and creating ties to our region. 


The National Connector Program is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, the birthplace of the initial Connector Program. This program provides communities with a turn-key solution that increases talent retention through the process of networking. Currently based in 35 communities and growing, the National Connector Program is a successful model to help retain talent, engage employers, and create a more welcoming community. For more information, check out this video from the Halifax Partnership. 

Once a potential Connector is interested, they are asked to fill out our online form so that we can match them with Connectees within the same or similar fields. Similarly, our Connectees are also asked to fill out an online form so that we can assess their skills and needs.  

The ad campaign announcing it was launching – the recruitment ads for both and the “I am a connector” shoutouts.

  LINK to Connectee Toolkit

  LINK to Connector Toolkit

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