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Cogswell District Mobile App

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In an era characterized by rapid urbanization and technological advancements, addressing urban challenges requires innovative solutions. WeUsThem, a forward-thinking digital agency, seized the opportunity to contribute to the well-being of residents, businesses, tourists and those visiting in the largest and fastest growing city in Canada east of Montreal, by creating a dynamic mobile app centered around the Cogswell District for interactive and integrated communications. With all the digital noise that currently exists, attention spans are fleeting and so are the doom scrolls that seek out only visually enticing content. Where a lot of this information could be comparatively dry, yet relevant and important to those that need it, over a decade of where removal, renovation and construction is to occur, a longer means of communication was needed that would be sustainable, has the longevity that is required and is modular for growth as the largest infrastructure project to take place in the region over 2 decades unfolds. . Through a purposefully crafted approach, WeUsThem embarked on developing a user-friendly mobile app that not only informs users about the traffic landscape but also integrates features such as a comprehensive map interface and localized business listings, thus enriching the urban experience, while allowing people to take in the experience of the project as it unfolds over time, and the history that is being quite literally unearthed with archaeologists on-site for the same, while being able to also view and comment on the possible future iteration of this beautiful addition to the vibrant downtown of the City of Halifax.


The heart of this initiative is the user-centric communications interface facilitated through this application that allows walkers, riders, bikers, transit users and those using accessible supports to be able to engage with this in an interactive and active way as opposed to continually receiving passive communications from the City. . Leveraging the ubiquity of smart devices, we have created a mechanism for individuals to remain connected to the City for the long term, with the possibility of extending the use of this application in the future to other large infrastructure projects and/or as an alternate channel of communications as they uptake they have seen has been phenomenal. With the business community extremely complimentary of this means of communication, they have been able to use it with their customers, visitors, partners and other stakeholders as a means of wayfinding individuals to them and as a mechanism to promote their business via yet another channel. Post a dry COVID season that lasted over 2 years, this has been a welcome mechanism for our cruise ship tourists, as well as those arriving by land and air to navigate through our beautiful downtown in and out as we continue to evolve what the future of our downtown will be.


From live camera feeds (both drone and static cameras), to archaeological finds to wayfinding for all sorts of visitors, tourists, residents, workers and business owners to the downtown area that use all sorts of transportation methods from the traditional to the active, along with live feeds of all communications regarding changes in the traffic as well as updates on the projects and ways for individuals to communicate with project personnel, what’s most impressive is the final destination that the Cogswell District will become, which is a feat in it of itself which users can take in and provide their thoughts on. Do have a peek at our revitalized Cogswell District at:

You can find our app on both the App Store [] and the Play Store [].