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CIC News – Citizenship & Immigration Canada

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Ignite focuses on attraction of Newcomers and Immigrants to our region and as such, in 2022 / 2023 we decided to work with CIC News and to take advantage of their trusted and well received online news platform. CIC has become the world’s largest Canadian immigration news website, steadfast in its mission to provide trusted, authoritative, and timely updates on Canadian immigration. Ignite’s goal was to use the CIC News platform to expand our reach and to attract immigrants who we would otherwise not have access to.  

We know from past metrics that our retention numbers mostly come from India, Philippines, UAE, Iran and Africa. With CIC News we realized that we could specifically target these audiences and gain new ones. The first step was to create our Ignite landing page on the website and to provide the correct branding, call to action and content that best showcases our strength and value proposition to those considering immigrating to Canada. Our contract with CIC includes 3 articles. Each ofd the three articles have / will focus on different themes – based upon current global and local affairs.  

There are also specific CTA’s – Call to action buttons and links that are included and updated when applicable to the themed article content. Examples include:  

  1. A strong economy – Learn more at  
  1. Find work and Opportunity – Learn more at  
  1. Exceptional quality of life – learn more at 

 Key Insights from our first article published November 2- 2022  

  • The total pageviews accumulated for the article was an amazing 115,376, which is much higher than our target of 25,000 pageviews
  • The article reached 2 million people on Facebook, which was double our target
  • Total traffic redirected to the Ignite website was 1,813.
  • The article on Social Media attracted an average engagement rate of 6% which is above average 
  • The bounce rate on the article was just 6.7% which means more than 90% of article visitors were highly engaged with the contents of the article