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As part of an economic campaign to target small business startups and promote the Town of Georgina’s identity, a business attraction video was produced highlighting Georgina as a great place to achieve entrepreneurship success. The video also instills pride in the community, helping to ensure existing residents and business owners serve as ambassadors. 

With many talented and skilled entrepreneurs in the southern GTA looking for affordable opportunities, audiences to the south of the town in urban centres were targeted through paid campaigns for two months using social media and Google Adwords. Since October 2022, the video has been viewed more than 150K times.

It focuses on the Town’s ideal proximity to Toronto, its growing economy, relatively affordable lakeside lifestyle and entrepreneurship support through programs like YSpace Georgina. A new business, an established business that recently expanded and a YSpace program participant all spoke to these advantages. 

Some of the challenges that we knew we’d need to overcome were being able to pull out the key responses we wanted to include. Through strategic questioning, we were able to capture everything we needed, resulting in genuine responses that resonated with viewers. 

The messaging is also promoted through social media posts and the Economic Development and Tourism Office’s blog, which links to the Town’s website, where the video is embedded, along with a wealth of other information entrepreneurs may be looking for. They will find economic statistics, businesses and properties for sale, incentives, programs and more, prompting them to navigate the site and learn more about Georgina. To continue to drive awareness and interest, residents and business owners, aside from the ones featured in the video, continue to be interviewed and featured through communication channels on why they chose and continue to choose Georgina.