Caledon Community Conversations: Walking Tours

Submitted ByTown of Caledon

The Town of Caledon is growing, and is committed to doing so in ways that reflect the needs and desires of its current residents.

‘Community Conversations: Walking Tours; was born from the need to hear directly from residents, and provide those same residents the opportunity to hear from and ask questions of staff members across Town departments. Designed as a set of summer walks to help our community dream big about the future, they also doubled as a fantastic opportunity for residents to explore their neighbourhoods and meet new people.

As part of the Town of Caledon’s Economic Development Strategy and ongoing revitalization program, the Town of Caledon is committed (and excited!) to make its neighbourhoods even more beautiful, active and welcoming places to call home.

Walking routes were between 1km – 1.5km in length and featured various stops along the way to facilitate conversation about what participants loved about their community and what they are looking for more of.

While all feedback, hopes, questions, and dreams for the future were welcome and encouraged, we especially sought out community thoughts on:

Community services (E.g., “I would love a Yoga in the Park program”)

Local initiatives (E.g., “My neighbourhood could benefit from an annual street festival”)

Local businesses (E.g., “I would benefit from a coffee shop opening in my neighbourhood”)

Planning and design (E.g., “My local park should have benches and garbage receptacles”)

Public space (E.g., “I would like to see beautification efforts in my neighbourhood”)

Public art (E.g., “I want more murals and sculptures in my neighbourhood”)

For those unable to attend one of these walks in person, online access to the Revitalization Mapping Tool allowed residents to make suggestions and note specific locations for feedback.