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The City of Vaughan promotional video is a microsite developed by Corporate Communications in partnership with the Economic Development Department with the City of Vaughan. The video was shared at the annual Business Achievement Awards hosted by the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce to an attendance of 650+ guests. The video provides visual highlights of the City of Vaughan as a hub for entrepreneurship, business growth, and expansion and includes city highlights including transit, demographics, proximity to landmarks, and in particular, business support services offered through the Economic Development department.

The Vaughan Chamber of Commerce (VCC) is the premier membership and networking association in Vaughan. With a growing membership of engaged businesses, the Vaughan Chamber is proud to be the driving force towards Bringing Together Vaughan’s Business Community. As a member of the VCC, Vaughan’s Economic Development is afforded the opportunity to sponsor events such as the Vaughan Business Achievement Awards (BAA) Dinner which includes this promotional video.  The BAAs brings together the Vaughan Business Community and industry leaders for an evening of networking. 13 businesses in 13 different categories are recognized as top companies that shine bright in our beautiful and resilient city.

The target audience and those who benefit from this promotional video include:

Members of the Vaughan Chamber of Commerce (VCC): VCC is able to align their organization with the City of Vaughan and build trust with the business community through securing sponsorships with their local municipality.

Vaughan’s Economic Development (ED) team provides outreach to The City of Vaughan’s business community through ED is able to showcase highlights and impact through the services we offer to the dignitaries, industry leaders and, business community members who attend the event.

Challenges encountered in the planning of this promotional video was considering the fast rate that projects in the City are being executed and completion in order to keep the highlights in the video most up to date from the time of creation to viewing date.

We believe this project brings us to the forefront and offers an asset-building approach to marketing collateral that other EDOs should consider.

Some key lessons:

  • A promotional video to complement the city’s other corporate marketing tactics (print, digital, web) gave us greater user engagement.
  • Think carefully about your audience and be willing to curate content for these audiences.
  • Capture video footage at a variety of events, activities, and initiatives your departments partake in for easier implementation of a promotion video.

We used the opportunity of creating a promotional video to highlight features that better serve our growing audience of business leaders. The promotional video is worthy of an award as it showcases everything the City of Vaughan has to offer to the business community. It includes footage of our City and interviews with actual partners and clients who have benefited from our services.


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VCC Business Achievement Awards 2023 – YouTube