Be An Explorer in Bruce County.

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Be An Explorer in Bruce County Video:

Be An Explorer in Bruce County – YouTube


The Be An Explorer in Bruce County video motivates people to visit, live, invest, and start or move a business in Bruce County. This video is Bruce County’s overarching video speaking to numerous target audience: visitors, entrepreneurs, and residents. This video intends to cast a wide net, position the region, and create awareness. Bruce County is where the roads less travelled become a journey: in life, our work, in our communities, and in how we spend our days together and this video encompasses all of it.

The video highlights visitors exploring, innovative entrepreneurs in major sectors, showcasing the life of residents, and investors exploring endless opportunities. Not only it is encouraging others to visit, but also to consider Bruce County as a place to live and build a business and invest. The anticipated outcome is to provide a positive messaging to our identified audiences and bring brand awareness for Bruce County’s tourism, resident attraction, investment attraction, and business attraction efforts.

This video is targeting many audiences as stated below:


  • Nature Lovers: 35-54 year-oldcouples, with young children, budget conscious, love outdoors​
  • Memory Makers: 35-50 year-oldcouples with elementary-aged children, love leisure activities with family​
  • Mellow Vacationers: 55+, working couples without children, seek rest and relaxation​
  • Knowledge Seekers: 55+ females with grown children, employed with higher level of education​
  • New Canadians: 25-34 year-oldcouples with kids, educated, influenced by trends, visible minority or immigrant​



  • Regional Provincial Boomers 55+: live in the region mostly in urban centres, have pensions, savings and desire to do something new and looking to fulfill ambitions
  • Free Spirits: younger entrepreneurial, artisans, small business, contracts, and freelance styles
  • Tourists: both seasonal and campers and want to follow their passion of entrepreneurship
  • Seasonal Residents: they are seasonal throughout the region



  • Immigrants and Newcomers: new to Canada and willing to move for jobs and employment reasons
  • Millennial Relocators: currently in Toronto and willing to move for quality of life to rural areas, unaware of Bruce County but seeking career and idyllic place to raise family and work life balance
  • Existing Visitors: Tourists/returning visitors living in Southwestern Ontario


In Bruce County, the search for work-life balance ends – it just comes naturally. So easy that you might just find, like we do, that smiles are bigger and a little more frequent around here. Bruce is about an alternative lifestyle: less complex, affordable, and about community. It is active, energetic, social, and rugged. Therefore, around sustainability, this video is encouraging people to live, work and play in a natural landscape, immerse in this sustainable lifestyle and natural elements and be at the best of your mental health. The video influences a positive sustainable message.