Wetaskiwin is Working

Brand Identity / Application | City of Wetaskiwin

Purpose of Project

The Wetaskiwin Is Working brand was designed to raise the profile of and unify the many economic development initiatives of the City of Wetaskiwin’s Community Development department. The Wetaskiwin is Working brand is multifaceted and encompasses many platforms, media, and projects—including business retention, expansion, investment attraction, and foreign direct investment. The branding is being implemented in phases for existing and new economic development projects.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives

Wetaskiwin is Working has brought all the economic development projects under one brand, resulting in effective brand recognition due to the brand’s consistency. Wetaskiwin is Working was designed as an authentic, ‘made for Wetaskiwin’ brand that showcases real businesses and business owners, existing industry clusters, as well opportunities for growth and investment. While many Alberta communities were facing huge declines in growth and investment throughout the recession, Wetaskiwin seemed to be in a bubble of homeostasis and is still sitting at a steady 2% growth rate. While there are many factors that affect the economy, we attribute Wetaskiwin’s tenacity and steady growth rate to the hard work and dedication of our businesses and industry clusters. We have seen new entrepreneurs and start-up businesses take advantage of the lower prices for labour and construction, effectively growing their businesses in a shorter period of time. The Wetaskiwin is Working brand proven to our existing businesses—and future businesses—that the City of Wetaskiwin actively invests in their success, and will continue to work with all the businesses that have decided to call Wetaskiwin home.

Challenges & Changes Made

The time line for completing the branding was a challenge due to the schedules of the local business owners who were being immediately featured. It took patience and creative problem solving skills on our end to ensure that our efforts to support local business were not, in fact, impeding it. This was noted by many local business owners, and resulted in strengthening the once-fraught relationship between local business and the City of Wetaskiwin.

Target Audience

Our target audiences were as follows:

  • Local community (we wanted to increase the business’ exposure within the local community).
  • Primary & Secondary Trading Areas (we used Facebook ads that targeted users within our primary and secondary trading areas).
  • Similar business industries (we wanted to boost the business’ exposure within their own industry around the province. We used targeted FB ads to achieve this).

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