Wellington County Festivals and Events Guide

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | County of Wellington

A gem in the Ontario countryside founded in 1837, Wellington County offers authentic experiences, incredible local
flavours and picturesque landscapes just outside of your everyday.

The purpose of the Festivals and Events Guide is twofold. First, to entice visitors from nearby communities to come
and explore the County of Wellington and second, to inform residents of what experiences are available locally. The
Guide uses authentic images and storytelling as a way to allow the audience to imagine themselves in the experience
and build a lasting impression of the community. What’s better than a personal recommendation from a friend? The
Festivals and Events Guide invites you to your next adventure!

Anticipated Outcomes
To create an attraction piece that builds an enticing brand that promotes Wellington County and as a result, lures
visitors, newcomers and businesses to the County.

  • Visitors: Bringing visitors to our community infuses the local economy as they are spending time and money in
    our downtowns, at events and attractions, which offsets the export of locally earned money spent elsewhere.
  • Residents: The County of Wellington is located within the Greater Golden Horseshoe, as such; we have seen a
    spike in new residents moving into our community. The Guide was developed to inform new and old residents
    about what type of experiences await them in their own backyard.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives
With the intention to build realistic expectations and portray an authentic experience in Wellington County, we
created an accessible framework in which the audience can actually place themselves in the picture. In total, we printed 60,000 copies. 35,828 were sent out through the Wellington Advertiser and 6,000 through CTM to Barrie, Collingwood, Hamilton, Burlington, Kitchener, Waterloo and York Region. The Elora Fergus Tourism Centre also sent out additional copies through their network including Ontario Tourism Centres. The County strategically placed the Guide at local tourism information kiosks, doctors, dentists and realtor’s offices, and sent 225 copies to Wellington County’s top employers.

To entice and engage visitors and residents to explore Wellington County, a social media photo contest was created
using the hashtag #experiencewellington. Participants are encouraged to share their moments throughout the county using the hashtag and are then entered to win prizes featuring local experiences.

Challenges and Changes Made
Originally created in 2008, the Festivals and Events Guide functioned solely as an event listing. Over the years, it has morphed into the beautiful story-telling piece that is today. As the Guide has changed to better reflect the experience and area themes we are presenting, we feel the title should also reflect the change in content. As we move forward, the title of the publication will be re-evaluated to better reflect the new direction of the Guide.

Target Audience 
The target audience for this piece is both local and the Greater Toronto Area. The proximity of Wellington County to the GTA allows for an easily accessible, natural escape from the city, introducing individuals to the many  highlights of our community including our culture, local food and drink experiences, our rural roots, natural landscapes, music and charm.

Any specifics as detailed in the particular Awards Categories
The Festivals and Events Guide promotes Wellington County as an authentic, rural, fun destination to explore. It is used for talent attraction and investment attraction, as well as showcasing the vibrancy of the communities. We encourage people to visit and develop their own personal connection and their own story with Wellington County. The Festivals and Events Guide is available as a hard copy booklet, digitally as a pdf and an online flipbook at www.experiencewellington.ca

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