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Purpose of project:

The purpose of the project is to promote resident attraction for the Niagara region. Niagara has a growing need for a talented workforce, which can only be achieved by attracting new residents. Knowing that within our target market, 50% are newcomers to Canada, as well over a million people will be immigration to Canada over the next 3 years, it was important to include information on how to successfully immigrate to Canada and get established.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objective

The new immigration portal has been significantly upgraded and combined with a website that positions Niagara for a wider audience of prospective residents. The website is easily navigated and the content within the website is thoughtfully positioned. Significant improvements to traffic and user engagement has been achieved as a result. Success stories and videos are getting the most feedback and already resulting in an improved image of the Niagara region.

Challenges & Changes made:

Balancing the amount of content that needs to be in place with the ability to manage the website was a challenge. A steering committee of 20 individuals provided feedback at all levels of development. The website acts as a portal, which informs users on key aspects of living in the community and directing users to the service providers and topic experts. Meeting AODA 2.0AA compliance was also a challenge but now ensures that our website is fully accessible to anyone, regardless of his or her barriers to traditional websites that do not meet the same level of rigger.

A decision to keep the website English only and not include google translate was made to ensure we do not encourage a tool that may misinform or mistake context. To ensure that the region also has a fully French language portal, a partnership was formed with Venture Niagara CFDC, whereby they are creating an all French immigration portal to ensure Niagara has the same content in both official languages.

Target Audiences:

Resident Attraction – Your Home | Your Future www.welcomeniagaracanada.com

Prospective Niagara residents & Prospective Niagara immigrants) Educated and highly employable individuals, aged 25-45, currently residing in the GTA and abroad.)


The www.welcomeniagaracanada.com website features content in the following categories:, moving to Niagara, finding a home, finding a school, finding a job, and things to do. There are also quick links to an immigration section, Niagara stories, investment attraction website (niagaracanada.com) and a community information database to find direct services and information in the region. The Niagara stories section contains relevant articles and videos from local residents who share what it is like to live, work, study and invest in Niagara Canada. The website also includes a 16 page PDF immigration guide that has been translated into 12 additional languages that explains why Niagara and more importantly, how to settle in Niagara Canada.

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