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Following years of economic decline, the people of the Township of Ignace (pop. 1,200) in Northwestern Ontario were ready to make a change. In the last 12 months, staff and community leaders undertook a strategic Master Plan exercise, designed to take the community beyond a short-term thinking approach to one that is long-term and sustainable.

Part of this plan included the design and development of a new brand, tagline, website (see separate EDAC submission) and promotional videos ( The videos provided a platform to display a series of heartfelt testimonials from residents as to what it means to live, work and play in Ignace. The Township’s unique features and potential were captured in these personal accounts and are deemed instrumental in achieving the primary goal of attracting new families, businesses, investors and visitors to the community. Ignace is also positioned as a place that is progressive, inclusive and is successfully building the right capacity to accommodate sustained growth and development.

Target Audiences

Young families, seniors/retirees, prospective visitors, potential business entrepreneurs and strategic partners looking for the kind of possibilities Ignace has to offer.

Challenges and Changes Made

The logistics involved in the production of these videos posed an overall challenge. Whether it was selecting from a rich pool of video candidates to coordinating schedules, improvising due to last minute changes or working around weather conditions and natural elements, the videos were successfully created due to the talent and hard work of our local videographer, municipal staff and marketing consultants.

Outcomes (Meeting Objectives)

Residents were given the opportunity to convey their truest sense of community without being prompted or provided with a script. Drawing on the genuine experiences of each participant resulted in an organic depiction of Ignace and all its possibilities.

The candid, honest and heartfelt stories of each participant resonated with our target audiences and is evident in a spike in inquiries received on a daily basis about Ignace and what it has to offer.

A diverse group of participants consistent to our target audience was selected, inclusive of new and established entrepreneurs, seniors/retirees, young families and immigrants. In so doing, the videos demonstrated to target audiences that Ignace is a place that is inclusive, embraces diversity and extends a warm invitation that is best summed up in the tagline— ‘Explore our Possibilities’.


It’s important to note that sustainability was the premise on which the Township of Ignace embarked on its branding and marketing strategy. For this reason, it was imperative that the views and insights of all residents were captured in the positioning and development of these promotional videos—just one element of the overall strategy. The opportunity to be involved in the promotional videos has resulted in residents becoming community ambassadors and taking ownership of Ignace’s growth and development.

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