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Jacek Chocolates | Small Business
Nutraponics Canada | Agri-Business
Bluetrain | Technology-Creative
Shell | Large Industrial

Purpose of the project
The purpose of developing this video campaign is to further assist the Economic Development and Tourism team in attracting, retaining and expanding businesses (BRE, BIA and FDI) in Strathcona County. Highlighting local business “stars” provides examples of what is possible in doing business in Strathcona County.
• To inform residents to local business successes
• To inspire residents / entrepreneurs to open and / or expand business here in Strathcona County
• To enhance the Strathcona County reputation as an excellent place to do business
• To educate on the services which Economic Development and Tourism provides
• To increase the total prosperity and assessment in Strathcona County
• To improve quality of place / quality of life in the community

Success stories and videos can be found at

A series of four emotive videos on local business success stories, how they have received support from the community, and how they give back; Jacek Chocolates (small business), Shell (industry / technology), Bluetrain (creative / technology), Nutraponics (agribusiness / technology). For this marketing campaign, the YOU CAN heading and the associated visuals provide viewers with a strong call-to-action, driving them to what they can achieve in Strathcona County and show the municipalities support for entrepreneurs.

The main communication objectives are to:
• Create awareness of successful, local Strathcona County businesses – To date, these videos have reached 52,000 people, received 19,000 engagements, and been viewed online over 12,000 times during 6 month time period, all with positive reviews.
• Increase the perception of “ease of doing business” in Strathcona County – Businesses have really appreciated the opportunity to be involved with being featured. They have used the videos to market their business and it has built a strong relationship between their company, this department and municipality.
• Increase interest for entrepreneurs to open / expand in Strathcona County – Word-of-mouth surrounding these success videos has spread in this community quickly. We have received phone calls and had meetings  from entrepreneurs wanting to open microbreweries, restaurants, specialty bakery shops, coffee shops, as well as large industry – all choosing Strathcona County as to where they want to start / expand their business.

From January until June, 2018, there have been a successful 666 visits to to view
the videos and 91 clickable actions.

Challenges and changes made
The original plan was to have the entrepreneurs to be filmed and to read from a formal script. The end result was too polished and less authentic. As we continued working with the video series, it was better to just provide rough subject guidelines and have entrepreneurs speak naturally and from the heart, thus producing more emotion.

Target audience
• Residents interested in starting a business
• Existing business owners in Strathcona County
• Existing business owners outside of Strathcona County who might be interested in expanding into Strathcona County
• Developers and investors
• Potential new residents

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