Video: Milton: A Place of Possibility – “We are the Story”

Promotional - Video | Town of Milton

In June 2017, Milton officially launched its new corporate brand. This rebrand presented a unique opportunity for Milton’s Economic Development division as the team began to update and reimagine a collection of marketing materials that would accurately reflect Milton’s evolution, brand story and future aspirations for growth. A key component of this work was the development of a short, made-in-Milton video created to be an introduction and snapshot of the community, focusing on the local places and people that make Milton a place of possibility. The result is a video that highlights a brief snapshot of life in Milton through the eyes, words and experiences of the people who live and work in the community. This concept and the script were inspired by real local stories and themes drawn from community feedback gathered during Milton’s rebranding engagement process.

The primary objective of launching this video has been to raise public awareness around Milton’s transformation and its vision for future growth. In presenting this video to residents, local businesses, community partners and visitors through a variety of venues, client-facing meetings and public events, this video has created an opportunity to re-establish Milton’s “place brand” and encourage people to begin thinking differently about this former small-town. The style showcases just how far the community has come, with dynamic language and visuals that paint an aspirational picture of how much further it can go.  The video emphasizes Milton as “A Place of Possibility” and begins to explore what that means for those who live and work locally. Ultimately, this video has become one way for the Economic Development team to begin visually-telling the stories of innovation and transformation happening in this community. Although this video was recently launched, it has already become an effective tool for building awareness and beginning conversations about the bold vision that, not only the Town, but the community has for Milton’s future.

As part of a larger strategic plan for Economic Development, this video was released to kick-off the launch of Milton’s “We are the Story” Campaign. This initiative was aimed at inspiring local businesses and entrepreneurs to share their own stories about incredible local talent, thought leadership and innovative businesses growing in Milton. Through this campaign, these personal success stories are being collected with the intention to feature more real stories in future marketing campaigns. This initiative is currently only in its fourth week and the campaign will run September. Early feedback, analytics, comments and online engagement have been extremely positive with nearly 2,000 organic views of the video on LinkedIn, and nearly 29,000 people viewing the video through boosted social media posts.

The biggest challenges faced in creating this video involved the number of on-location shoots with local businesses and outdoor shots, to be captured across various seasons. In-house staff created the concept, wrote the script, directed shoots and worked with local partners and a talented local videographer, managing scheduling conflicts and the natural elements to capture this final product. As this video is focused on raising general public awareness, it had a number of target audiences and a wide distribution. As a multi-purpose promotional tool, the video continues to be shared broadly with the community, regional partners, prospective clients and the local business community, as well as Milton staff, Council, partner agencies and organizations. Further information and the video are available at

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