Video: Flagstaff Region Tourism and Lifestyle Campaign

Promotional - Video | Flagstaff County

Purpose of project
The Flagstaff Region is a rural “Community of Communities” and has a population of 8,361, which is inclusive of eight towns and villages. We are aware of our aging population and its limited growth based on our 2016 census data. As a result, we worked to develop an advertising campaign to bring tourism to the forefront in our region. The intent was to encourage people from outside the region to come and explore what Flagstaff has to offer. The barn video in our campaign was one of the top performing videos and highlights some of our unique heritage.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives
Throughout the duration of the campaign (2 months) the barn video received 9.7K views from all over the province. Because the video also features one of our Heritage Barns of Flagstaff, we have also had increased interest in putting together a tour of heritage barns in the Flagstaff Region and Heritage Barns of Flagstaff book sales have increased. Some ticket sales for our 2018 Country Roots Tour have also been attributed to this tourism video.

One of the challenges experienced was choosing which heritage barn site to film at. We had to create criteria to narrow down our options and eventually choose one.

Our Target Audience
This video targeted urban centers that are under 200kms from our region, with the intent of increasing the numbers of urban neighbors who want to explore Flagstaff Regions heritage. Our target demographic is Male/Females (both with and without children) between the ages of 25-50

The video is shot in Flagstaff making it great marketing material for years to come.

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