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Purpose of Project and Anticipated Outcomes:
The purpose of producing the “Where Canada Begins” video campaign is to promote the Windsor-Essex region on a national basis with the objective to attract people to re-locate to the region. The video campaign celebrates the many reasons why so many people and organizations choose Windsor-Essex as an amazing region to live, work and play. This celebration takes the form of brief (:60) mini-docs, voiced by real people, who reveal the “why’s” in their decision to choose and call Windsor-Essex home:

  • a welcoming, affordable and a culturally diverse community that offers many opportunities to succeed
  • a place where innovators thrive
  • a small town feel with big city amenities on both sides of the Canada- U.S. border
  • an ideal location for entrepreneurs and families to live and grow.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives:
An objective to launch three (of the twelve planned) mini-docs at the WE EDC Annual General Meeting was achieved. Over 160 people representing stakeholders, funders, government officials and business leaders from the Windsor-Essex region shared their thoughts and opinions – a universal homerun. The response was immediate and resounding – Terrific! AMAZING! THAT’S US! Feedback was very positive and the request to share the videos on social media was immediate. However, before we could make an official “public” launch, we engaged the AGM audience and asked them to participate in naming the series.  The popular (and appropriate) choice was “Where Canada Begins” and the mini-docs were tagged as such.  Although at this time it is premature to measure the campaign’s effectiveness, our marketing plan is in place and we’re excited to get the films in front of our intended audience. A combination campaign of Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Twitter – all backed by social media influencers – will be the primary delivery avenues. Each of the venues have their own tracking metrics.  The videos can be found at:

Challenges & Changes Made:
Deciding who the next group of local individuals to feature in the next nine mini-docs is a challenge, albeit a good challenge to have. There are so many outstanding individuals who would like to tell their story about Windsor-Essex and share in their own words all of the positive reasons to live and work here.

Target Audience (demographics):
The target audience includes millennials, families, entrepreneurs, individuals looking for a career move, new graduates, investors and retirees wanting to move from major cities to open a small business in an affordable location.

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