Video: Building Partnerships

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Purpose of Project
The “building partnerships” mandate follows the completion of Guelph’s Integrated Operational Review; an overhaul of the City’s planning and economic development processes. City staff has pledged to help businesses and builders “get to yes” as they navigate the process of moving a business to Guelph, and apply for planning and development approvals. This video was put together to encompass all of the main messaging that building partnerships aims to deliver to the community and developers. Following the completion of the process and the buy in from staff, the next natural step was to put together a promotional piece to spread the word to the development community. This video utilized City staff to put a face to the mandate and focused on everything that the City is improving on.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
To date this video has garnered more than 960 views on the City of Guelph YouTube channel and has been used in various sales presentations to attract new business as well as to curve the perception for existing businesses as we have improved. We wanted to use this video as a platform to deliver the key pillars of the building partnerships mandate as well as show that our staff has bought into these new processes. The video has delivered on all of our objectives as we frequently receive compliments on the video as well as use these pillars to help encourage businesses to set up in Guelph. This is a new and unique approach to Economic Development and it has been working very well and the video has helped build that profile.

Challenges and Changes Made
The obstacles that we had to overcome were:

  1. Getting all staff to buy in – We overcame this by hosting an event to get staff excited and to inform them on the new processes and then hosting a stakeholder event (with staff included) to present these pillars to public. The second event is also where this video was presented.
  2. Breaking the perception – Throughout the IOR process there were many obstacles and one of them is the perception that existed within Guelph’s development processes. We broke this by gathering testimonials from key business leaders in the community about the positive efforts that City staff provided in their specific situations. We also used staff as a face in the video so it is no longer just words; it is the people behind the operation.
  3. Delivering the messaging in a concise and interesting manner – It’s a difficult task to deliver something very informational effectively in a short video. We overcame this by going through the script multiple times to  ensure the messaging was direct and that we were including the most important information. After a lot of work by our team, we came up with a script that provided all the necessary details but was still visual and interesting.

Target Audience
The audience for this project is primarily site selectors, development partners and existing business leaders located in the GTA that represent national and international businesses. We wanted to inform our existing businesses that everything was now being streamlined and that we are continually improving while also at the same time informing prospective businesses of our new processes to help them get their shovel in the ground quicker.

Specifics as Detailed in Award Category
This video is delivering the key message that “we make it easy to do business in Guelph”. We will do anything we can (within professional reason) to help businesses. The four key pillars that fall under the mandate that we also promote through this video is “get to yes“, “the tools you need”, “the right team”, and “listen, learn lead”. In this video the City of Guelph pledged to make it easy to do business in Guelph and are pushing forward with this initiative consistently and frequently refer back to this video.

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