Upper Canada Region Adventure Map

Single Publication – less than 4 pages | Upper Canada Region

The Township of South Stormont and the Municipality of South Dundas are two neighbouring municipalities located in South-Eastern Ontario, sharing a border along the St. Lawrence River with a combined population of approximately 24,000 residents. Together, the two municipalities form the tourist destination of the Upper Canada Region, an area that features renowned tourist attractions, significant historical sites, and incredible camping and outdoor recreation opportunities.

Rather than compete for the same visitors and develop multiple and confusing marketing collateral, the two municipalities have partnered together to develop a consistent, shared message for visitors through advertising campaigns and special projects, such as the 2018 Upper Canada Region Adventure Map.

The purpose of the Upper Canada Region Adventure Map is to showcase the tourism assets each Municipality offers in a convenient, all-encompassing map to easily facilitate short getaways for tourists and staycations for residents. The map combines the efforts of each Municipality to highlight their tourism industry, creating a stronger pitch to prospective tourists while simultaneously eliminating the need to search multiple publications and resources for travel ideas.

Understanding the diverse tourism industry of the Upper Canada Region, and respecting the limited financial resources available for marketing, we elected to include attractions that would appeal to a number of audiences. We targeted families with young children, outdoor recreationists, those with historical interests, and food and drink travellers.

The map was launched at a joint media event and quickly distributed to several tourism information kiosks throughout the region, OnRoute travel centres, as well as the St. Lawrence Parks Commission’s locally operated attractions, such as the renowned Upper Canada Village, campsites, Upper Canada Golf Course and Crysler Park Marina. The map is also used as a promotional tool during local events that attract out of town visitors.

A total of 10,000 copies were printed for the initial launch of the map, with downloadable digital editions available on each respective Municipality’s websites, the Upper Canada Region website as well as the United Counties of SDG Tourism website.

While all organizations struggle with balancing the amount of print publications to produce, The Upper Canada Region felt that this particular publication was essential to produce physical, printed copies of to maintain the whimsical feel of a treasure map. However, in the interest of sustainability and the environment, we elected to have the map printed using recycled paper and vegetable based ink to mitigate the environmental impacts of large quantity printed material.

The 2018 Upper Canada Region Adventure Map has received extremely positive feedback from the public, the media and the local businesses in the area since its launch in May 2018, and it is expected to be a key marketing piece for the tourism industry for the entire region.

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