Town of Smiths Falls WestJet Magazine Advertisement

Single Advertisement | Town of Smiths Falls

Purpose of Project (including anticipated outcomes)
The attached single ½ page print advertisement in WestJet magazine was an avenue to share our new logo with a national audience. Our objective was to showcase Smiths Falls’ proximity and accessibility to large urban centres, and ultimately attract new business.

Effectiveness / Meeting Objectives (if known)
The economic development focused text in the advertisement with lines including “40 minutes south of Ottawa” and “grants available for business development opportunities” is attractive to those travelers who may be looking to expand their business. This advertisement exceeded our expectations and met the objective of showcasing our proximity to Ottawa. The link to the website would also lead leisure travelers to learn more about what Smiths Falls has to offer. This print ad has a fresh, clean look that effectively uses white space and is appealing to the eye. It also uses repetition – the gradient seen in the heading of the text in the ad is the same style as the gradient in the new Smiths Falls logo. The compelling design was proven to capture attention. Our CAO received a text message from a friend who spotted the advertisement while he was travelling and took a photo of it.

Challenges & Changes Made
RedPoint Media & Marketing Solutions, who manages the WestJet magazine advertisements, was easy to work with. Expectations were made clear by both parties, and therefore, there were no noteworthy challenges faced.

Target Audience (demographics)
The average reader of the WestJet Magazine is 47, but their digital issue tends to reach younger audiences. There is a captive market both on flights and online. They have established four reader personas: the frequent business traveler, the fairly frequent leisure traveler, the family traveler, and the occasional business traveler. Though this is an economic development business-focused ad, it could potentially appeal to all their audiences. At the very least, it puts Smiths Falls on the map.

The July issue is a collector’s edition, with a special all-Canadian feature for Canada 150. Therefore, it is likely that many readers will keep this particular edition. A reader is more likely to keep a magazine than a newspaper, so this was an effective medium to invest in. There is also a digital version on the WestJet Magazine website that can be viewed long after the print copy was published.

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