Town of Renfrew Community Profile

Single Publication – 4 or more pages | Town of Renfrew

In an effort to market our community, the Town of Renfrew has developed it’s first-ever Community Profile. The purpose of the Profile is to provide a professional resource for informed investment decision making for economic and community development in our rural municipality.

The publication is intended to provide business leaders and potential investors with a highly visual, informative and succinct document that highlights key economic indicators in fresh and easy to comprehend format. The document also serves as an easy-to-navigate resource for local economic development professionals in ongoing initiatives to retain and expand existing industry. Additionally, when the Community Profile was developed, a “quick facts” sheet was designed and placed as the first page in the booklet. The Quick Facts sheet contains a summary of high level information from throughout the entire Community Profile. The Sheet was designed with the objective of being utilized as a standalone document that can be printed separately from the profile as a budget friendly way to promote the Town of Renfrew at Conferences, seminars and public events. The Community Profile is also posted on the municipality’s website (in a flipbook format) in order to reach the largest audience possible.

Since the completion of the Community Profile in March 2018, the positive feedback from neighboring municipalities has been tremendous. The Town has also been contacted multiple times for insight into the development of the Profile as it truly sets itself apart. The Business Retention & Expansion Coordinator has also shared the quick fact sheet for webinars hosted by the Newcomer Centre of Peel aimed at attracting newly landed immigrants where it was well received. There have been multiple requests from local business establishments for hard copies of the Profile to assist with their efforts to attract and retain investment. Town economic development staff members are pleased with the document and continuously use it as a reference for public inquiries, grant applications and reports.

In order to keep the Community Profile information relevant, the document will receive a refresh every three years. Prior to the first refresh, economic development committees and stakeholders will be approached for suggestions on the Profile’s content to ensure the publication continues to grow and evolve with the local economy.

The Community Profile will continue to be integral to the success of implementing Renfrew’s ongoing business retention and expansion efforts. The profile presents an up-to-date inventory of community and economic information and assets to provide potential investors, economic development influencers and decision makers with both quantitative and qualitative material. Town of Renfrew is now in a much stronger position to respond to, and participate in local, regional and provincial economic development efforts and investment activities.

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