Tourism St. Catharines Destination Video

Promotional - Video | City of St. Catharines

Purpose of Project and Anticipated Outcomes
The Tourism St. Catharines Destination Video is a unique production designed to target both visitors and residents. The video highlights St. Catharines as a great place to live and visit. It instills civic pride, drives visitation and showcases the wide variety of things we have to offer. The video features many of our partners including attractions, restaurants, wineries and craft beverages, accommodations, trails and more.

The destination video is an element in our larger “You Are Here” destination marketing campaign which includes digital and social media advertising driving traffic back to our website

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives
The objective for the campaign is to:

Position St. Catharines as a must-visit year-round travel destination
Drive to consumers to
Drive tourism/visitation and revenue to hotels, restaurants, festival and events
Build database of consumers, FIT, travel trade and MC&IT contacts to communicate with
Drive tourism/visitation and revenue to hotels, restaurants, festival and events, etc.

The video ties together the five pillars of Tourism in St. Catharines: Heritage & Culture, Wine, Culinary and Craft Beverages, Downtown, Festivals & Events and Outdoor Recreation. The video creates awareness of our City’s assets and highlights the beauty and excitement of St. Catharines.

Challenges and Changes Made
The largest barrier for this project was the timeline. In order to showcase St. Catharines as a year round destination we had to film across multiple seasons. The video was approximately a year in the making.

Target Audience
The Primary target audience for the video is the consumer looking to travel.  The “You Are Here” marketing campaign targets travelers living within 30 minutes to a 5-hour drive of St. Catharines- Domestic and in the United States.

Message that the video is sending to the community
The video shows both visitors and residents the beauty of St. Catharines. It shows those living here that they should be proud to call St. Catharines home and those looking to visit that we have a lot of different experiences and opportunities to offer. We have the Niagara Escarpment to one side and Lake Ontario to the other creating an amazing playground. Outdoor recreation, entertainment, craft beverages & culinary, history and a revitalized downtown are just a few of the highlights of a trip to St. Catharines.

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