The Railway City

Brand Identity / Application | St. Thomas EDC

As part of the City of St. Thomas’ overall Strategic Plan, there was a recommendation to develop a new corporate image and brand. Previously, the City had been using an image which had become dated and overly traditional, while not representing the key value proposition of the City.

With the assistance of a marketing and branding firm, along with several focus group meetings, the following principles were taken into account when developing a new brand identity for the City:
1. The new corporate identity will reflect a strong, close-knit community that’s continually looking to move forward.
2. The identity will reflect a vibrant culture and progressive business environment that looks to the future with a nod to the past.

With these core principles in mind, an identity was created that includes a move away from the previous corporate name, “The Corporation of the City of St. Thomas” to a new name that officially embraces the positioning of “St. Thomas – The Railway City”. In the design of the new logo, the bold font embodies the strength and resilience of a determined community focused on growth. The modern artistic interpretation of a train engine and cowcatcher, represented by the letter “O” with a solid line underneath, combined with the vibrant fiery colours to reflect the City’s lively cultural scene. If you look closely at the plume of steam, you’ll also see a subtle nod to a very unique and differentiating part of the City’s railway history. The steam takes on the shape of an elephant’s head, paying tribute to the spirit of Jumbo and how the compassionate community of St. Thomas embraced his story. Collectively, the font, colours and icon depict a community that is continually discovering ways to further enhance life for its residents. The tag line that has been used alongside the new brand identity is “Gathering Steam”.

To further demonstrate and provide background, the marketing firm (adHome) produced a video that does an excellent job of encapsulating what the brand represents.

With the development of the new identity came an opportunity to fully embrace the Railway City theme and the City took full advantage of that by installing one of the largest pieces of public art in Canada at the westerly gateway to the City. The following News Release demonstrates the impact of this historic new identity.

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