That’s Living Chatham-Kent

Advertising Campaign | Chatham-Kent Resident Attraction and Retention

Our advertising campaign, titled That’s LivingCK, was developed to answer the question “what does it mean to live in Chatham-Kent?” Our primary goal of this advertising campaign is to attract new residents to Chatham-Kent and to retain existing residents by reminding them of the positive aspects of living here. We’re promoting Chatham-Kent by offering a glimpse into lifestyles across CK demographics and providing a snapshot into what Chatham-Kent offers in the key areas of affordability, community, arts and culture, entertainment, outdoor recreation, and entrepreneurship. We show that there are indeed fun and engaging activities for young people, active retirees, and newcomers.

Our campaign also serves the purpose of instilling a sense of civic pride in current residents, turning them into ambassadors for CK. We are striving to dispel the myth that ‘there’s nothing to do in Chatham-Kent’ by showing activities that are available across a wide variety of interests, such as trivia nights, the arts, historical interests, outdoors, and nightlife.

Our target demographic ranges from 21-65 years of age living in large municipal centres such as Toronto, Mississauga, and Hamilton, where rising real estate prices have become prohibitive for home ownership. Our aspirational message of affordability, financial freedom and a high quality of life is aimed at stressed and financially burdened external residents. Our choice to entre markets such as Toronto, Hamilton, and London was the goal of enticing potential new residents by educating them about the reality of home ownership in CK.

Our advertising campaign consists of video, print and digital collateral. Our cornerstone content piece is a 30-second video shot locally featuring authentic CK residents and their experiences. We featured this video in select Cineplex theatres around Ontario within our targeted geographic demographic. The 30-second video is an amalgamation of footage from a six video series we produced reflecting our desired messaging: Affordability, Arts and Culture, Community, Entertainment, Outdoor Recreation, and Entrepreneurship. In terms of print advertising, we featured an ad in Food & Drink Magazine, knowing that that those reading this magazine are typically within the age range and economic standing that we are targeting. Digitally, we aggressively push content online through heavily targeted YouTube and Facebook ads in our desired geographic regions. We used our media buys to drive users back to website for information on LivingCK.

We are using image-heavy content marketing to tell the story of life in Chatham-Kent for both internal and external markets. Imagery for the campaign is a selection of iconic images of Chatham-Kent designed to spark interest in external markets and showed those who may never have heard of CK the beauty that exists here.

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