TechPlace Brand

Brand Identity / Application | Burlington Economic Development Corporation

TechPlace is a one stop destination for new and growing technology companies, and the place where technology, talent, and ideas come together to create and promote opportunities for economic growth, 100% led and supported by Burlington Economic Development Corporation’s (BEDC).

The TechPlace brand encompasses the organizations goal of being an appealing and memorable place to grow a technology business. The brand is recognizable with a dramatic logo made up for a geometric t in a box featuring TechPlace at the lower right corner. The box around the icon and the vibrant shade of teal contrasted with white is immediately recognizable. TechPlace struggled to get the logo trademarked but were successful in early 2018. The color palette was an homage to BEDC branding colors of blue, green and yellow. The t icon is the focus of the brand with the t symbolizing energy and technology though the fluid movements in the design. The choice to leave Burlington out of the logo and name was to ensure that the space remained as open and far reaching as possible. BEDC wanted to ensure
TechPlace was seen as a regional play to attract high growth firms to the community, this choice has been successful with 47% of visitors coming from outside of Burlington and all but one of TechPlace’s seven LaunchPad’s coming from outside of Burlington including two FDI companies from the UAE and Finland.

The launch of the TechPlace brand was very minimal with a press release and social media campaign. TechPlace social media sees an above average engagement rate (2.5%) with engagement at the time of Launch at 4%. We wanted TechPlace to grow organically and engage the correct audience. In its first year in operations TechPlace has exceeded all expectations by filling all LaunchPad’s available, hosting over 100 events and welcoming over 5,000 visitors. In addition, the grand opening was used to highlight the space available locally and help reduce the lease office vacancy rate from 23% to 11% in less than a 1 year.

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