SREDA- EDAC Promotional Video Award

Promotional - Video | Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA)

SREDA’s marketing team wanted to create a video unlike any other to promote Saskatoon. During a brainstorming
session, SREDA’s President and CEO, Alex Fallon, shared a poem he wrote two years ago called ‘The Saskatoon
I Know’. At that moment, the team was sold! This poem was so good, the team decided to turn it into a promotional video to showcase the real Saskatoon.

The response to the video has been outstanding, with many people sharing and talking about Saskatoon’s new video.

The team knew they would be faced with three obstacles: a short one-month time frame, a small 5 person team and a small-scale budget. These obstacles were overcome due to the amazing team. By being able to work efficiently well together as a team, the video was successfully kept within the time frame. The limiting budget was overcome by finding an extraordinary local producer.

Target Audience
Primary: decision makers working in the Saskatoon Region’s key industries. More specifically, males and females, aged 35-55, that work in a fast-paced environment. Secondary: businesses and investors operating outside of the Saskatoon Region that have the potential to expand or invest in the Saskatoon Region.


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