SREDA- EDAC Brand Identity Application

Brand Identity / Application | Saskatoon Regional Economic Development Authority (SREDA)

Purpose of the Project 
The purpose of this project is to showcase the consistent branding initiatives followed by our branding strategy. Consistency helps provide strong brand recognition to our primary and secondary target markets.

Effectiveness/ Meeting Objectives
The effectiveness of providing a strong branding strategy for the SREDA team has been rewarding! SREDA is known for the bold yet simple look, the dynamic orange, blue, navy and grey designs and its clear and concise messaging.

Challenges & Changes Made
Consistency throughout all marketing mediums has been a challenge, however having a strong branding manual has helped remind the team how to effectively incorporate the brand.

Target Audience 
The primary target audience for the SREDA is decision makers working in the Saskatoon Region’s key industries: mining, energy, manufacturing, science, technology and construction. More specifically, males and females, aged 35-55, that work in a fast-paced environment. The secondary target audience is businesses and investors operating outside of the Saskatoon Region that have the potential to expand or invest in the Saskatoon Region.

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