South East Industrial Park

Advertising Campaign | City of Wetaskiwin

Purpose of Project

The City of Wetaskiwin currently has land zoned for light and heavy industrial (M1 and M2) available for sale, and the purpose of the advertising campaign is to raise the profile of our cost effective industrial land. Although the current industrial land market in Alberta is slow—and usually last to recover from a recession—Wetaskiwin is spending the marketing dollars now to showcase our industrial sector, knowing that it will pay off in the future. Even more astonishing than spending money on an industry hard hit by the recent recession is the collaboration of multiple city departments to identify and promote Wetaskiwin’s industrial opportunities. The resulting coordinated marketing campaign—featuring attention-grabbing radio ads, billboard and social media ads, and targeted business letters—is a testament to how a community can rise from the ashes when everyone works together.

Effectiveness/Meeting Objectives

Due to the aggressive combative marketing techniques that the City of Wetaskiwin has undertaken, the amount of inquiries made about available industrial land in the first quarter of 2018 alone have exceeded the total number of inquiries made in 2017. The City of Wetaskiwin has already succeeded in selling a few parcels of the available land to private buyers, with inquiries continuing to arrive on a regular basis. The objective is for every piece of available land within South East Industrial Park to be sold within two years, and the City of Wetaskiwin will continue with its aggressive marketing campaign until this objective is met.

Challenges & Changes Made

One of the main challenges that the advertising campaign faces is the negative connotations associated with the City of Wetaskiwin. In order to show that Wetaskiwin is a great place to work and live, the advertising campaign has been designed to be combative with community and land ads. The audience hears and sees how accessible South East Industrial Park is for work, and they also hear and see how family orientated the community is as well. The radio ads in particular have been themed for industrial and community, with two different radio ads running parallel to each other. The billboards and social media posts have been designed around the same theme of showcasing the industrial land and the city as a place to live.

Target Audience

As the land is zoned for heavy and light industrial, the target audience is companies that fit into those sectors. The City of Wetaskiwin sent targeted letters to pre-existing companies in the surrounding area in order to ensure their awareness of the land available at South East Industrial Park for expansion and building. The campaign has also included potential new business owners who have been awaiting the opportunity to create their desired business. A secondary audience of people who are potentially looking for an affordable city to live in have also been reached through the campaign, and even potential tourists are being reached through ads placed at the Edmonton International Airport.

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