Short Film/Video – “Anything Together”

Promotional - Video | City of St. Catharines

Purpose of Project and Anticipated Outcomes:
The primary role of the Anything Together short film/video and the accompanying social media campaign done in conjunction with an online campaign through Toronto Life Magazine, is to promote the dramatic changes and investments that have taken place in Downtown St. Catharines and the City as a whole to young professionals looking for opportunity and a high quality of life in an urban setting. With over $300 million in investments in new facilities, plus trendy, hip businesses and affordable living, the video depicts St. Catharines as the urban centre of Niagara through the experiences of two friends, one living in downtown St. Catharines, and one returning to the city, as they venture through a transformed community. It also depicts a downtown where people live within walking distance of work, shopping, greenspace and entertainment; promoting the idea that our City is well on its way to becoming among the most dynamic, innovative, sustainable and livable cities in North America.

One of the key outcomes that we sought to achieve was that our audience sees that St. Catharines is growing, prospering and is a place they would want to visit or relocate to. Our downtown is vibrant and exciting, and people are not only visiting, but moving here. We also want our audience to see opportunity in St. Catharines, to work, start a business, find affordable living, and a place where there is lots to do.

Effectiveness, Marketing Objectives & Outcomes:
The video is a different approach to promoting economic development in St. Catharines and attempts to use storytelling as a way of showing the significant changes that have happened in the City.  While not explicitly mentioning investments, businesses, or developments in the downtown, the viewer sees through the experiences of the main characters the vibrancy of a downtown where one can live and work.

The film, which has had approximately 5,000 views in the short time since it was released, was also the feature of a Toronto Life online campaign that promoted tourism to St. Catharines with nearly 700,000 impressions. With an aggressive social media campaign, media buzz and local buy-in from businesses in the downtown that have adopted the film as a symbol of its success, Anything Together has shown the effectiveness of storytelling as a means of conveying the opportunities that a community has to offer.

Challenges & Changes made:

One concern was the length of the film and the ability to capture the audience. This was resolved by releasing the film with a trailer and teasers via social media that generated interest.

Target Audience (demographics):
While the film appealed to a wide audience, it was specifically targeted at young professionals, particularly business owners and investors looking to relocate to an urban setting based on opportunity, affordability and quality of life.

Any specifics as detailed in the particular Awards Categories Sustainability is about mindfulness – being mindful of one’s place, processes, and mentality in order to influence change for the better of our communities, local and global. Sustainable marketing is about social responsibility. Marketing needs to evolve to impact community behavior and increase the effectiveness of the distribution of products and information.

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